Simplenote for Android
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Simplenote for Android

A Simplenote client for Android. Learn more about Simplenote at

Development Requirements

How to Configure

  • Clone repo
git clone
cd simplenote-android
  • Import into Android Studio using the "Gradle" build option. You may need to create a file with the absolute path to the Android SDK: Sample
  • Configure Simperium, copy the Simplenote/ file to Simplenote/ and edit your simperium appid and key (You can keep the googleAnalyticsId field empty). Your Simplenote/ file should look like:
  • Install debug build with Android Studio or:
./gradlew installDebug

Note: Simplenote API features such as sharing and publishing will not work with development builds.

Android Wear

To properly install the wear app, run ./gradlew assembleRelease to package up the app and then adb install with the generated .apk to the host device.

If you want to debug the Wear app, simply connect the device to adb and then run the Wear project from Android Studio.