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Adjust the color of the screen of your Nintendo Switch.


  • Creates a layer which color you can adjust.
  • Preset values for color temperature (f.lux/redshift-like).
  • Control screen brightness.
  • Save dusk/dawn times & screen brightness, and apply settings automatically.


How to use


  • Use the temperature slider to select the desired shading.
  • You can override the color by using the RGBA sliders.
  • The "Alpha" value controls the opacity of the layer.
  • Due to the way Fizeau works, it is sadly not possible to directly modify the screen color. Instead, it creates a transparent layer and applies color to it. However, this can lead to an overall increase of luminosity, especially visible with dark colors.
  • Additionally, the layer is not visible in screenshots/recordings.


  • Use the brightness slider to set the desired screen brightness.
  • This is not redundant with the built-in setting, as the value will be set at dusk time.


  • When set, Fizeau will start at the "dusk" hour and shutdown at the "dawn" hour.
  • You can override this by using the checkbox. Fizeau will then stay in the specified state.


  • Settings are saved at /switch/Fizeau/config.ini, which you can also edit.
  • To reduce the memory usage of the sysmodule, settings are not read continually. Instead, they are applied on application launch.
  • Thus, you will need to launch the client after a reboot to restart Fizeau.


  • Download the latest release, unzip it to the root of your SD card, and reboot.
  • Only the latest version of the Atmosphère CFW is supported.


  • Compiling requires a working devkitA64 installation, with packages switch-mesa & switch-libdrm_nouveau.
  • Clone this repository recursively (git clone --recursive
  • Navigate to its directory (cd Fizeau).
  • Run make dist.
  • You will find output file in out/.


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