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#ifndef _STDFUNS_H
#define _STDFUNS_H
# ifndef WIN32
# include <pthread.h>
# define GC_THREADS
# else
# define GC_WIN32_THREADS
# endif
#include <gc/gc.h>
#include <gmp.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "closure.h"
// Some basic communication with the outside world
void putStr(char* str);
void printInt(int x);
void printBigInt(mpz_t x);
// dump memory usage (from libgc)
void epicMemInfo();
// Force garbage collection
void epicGC();
int readInt();
char* readStr();
int streq(char* x, char* y);
int strlt(char* x, char* y);
void* fileOpen(char* name, char* mode);
void fileClose(void* h);
void* freadStr(void* h);
void fputStr(void* h, char* str);
int isNull(void* ptr);
// IORefs
int newRef();
void* readRef(int r);
void writeRef(int r, void* val);
// Locks
int newLock(int sem);
void doLock(int lock);
void doUnlock(int lock);
void doFork(void* proc);
void* doWithin(int limit, void* proc, void* doOnFail);
int do_utime() ;
int strToInt(char* str);
char* intToStr(int x);
mpz_t* strToBigInt(char* str);
char* bigIntToStr(mpz_t x);
// get a native representation of a value
void* getNative(void * fn);
// String operations
int strIndex(char* str, int i);
int strHead(char* str);
char* strTail(char* str);
char* strCons(int h, char* str);
char* strrev(char* str);
char* append(char* x, char* y);
// Big integer arithmetic
mpz_t* addBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);
mpz_t* subBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);
mpz_t* mulBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);
mpz_t* divBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);
mpz_t* modBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);
int eqBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);
int ltBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);
int gtBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);
int leBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);
int geBigInt(mpz_t x, mpz_t y);