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The SDK currently supports the following services:

Note: Although all services are supported in the browser version of the SDK, not all of the services are available in the default hosted build (using the script tag provided above). Instructions on how to build a custom version of the SDK with individual services are provided in the "Building the SDK for Browsers" section of the SDK Developer Guide.

Service Name Class Name API Version Allows CORS
AWS Certificate Manager AWS.ACM 2015-12-08 馃帀
Amazon API Gateway AWS.APIGateway 2015-07-09 馃帀
Application Auto Scaling AWS.ApplicationAutoScaling 2016-02-06 馃帀
Amazon AppStream AWS.AppStream 2016-12-01
Auto Scaling AWS.AutoScaling 2011-01-01 馃帀
AWS Batch AWS.Batch 2016-08-10
AWS Budgets AWS.Budgets 2016-10-20
Amazon CloudDirectory AWS.CloudDirectory 2017-01-11
Amazon CloudDirectory AWS.CloudDirectory 2016-05-10
AWS CloudFormation AWS.CloudFormation 2010-05-15 馃帀
Amazon CloudFront AWS.CloudFront 2018-11-05 馃帀
Amazon CloudFront AWS.CloudFront 2018-06-18 馃帀
Amazon CloudFront AWS.CloudFront 2017-10-30 馃帀
Amazon CloudFront AWS.CloudFront 2017-03-25 馃帀
Amazon CloudFront AWS.CloudFront 2016-11-25 馃帀
Amazon CloudHSM AWS.CloudHSM 2014-05-30 馃帀
Amazon CloudSearch AWS.CloudSearch 2013-01-01
Amazon CloudSearch AWS.CloudSearch 2011-02-01
Amazon CloudSearch Domain AWS.CloudSearchDomain 2013-01-01
AWS CloudTrail AWS.CloudTrail 2013-11-01 馃帀
Amazon CloudWatch AWS.CloudWatch 2010-08-01 馃帀
Amazon CloudWatch Events AWS.CloudWatchEvents 2015-10-07 馃帀
Amazon CloudWatch Logs AWS.CloudWatchLogs 2014-03-28 馃帀
AWS CodeBuild AWS.CodeBuild 2016-10-06 馃帀
AWS CodeCommit AWS.CodeCommit 2015-04-13 馃帀
AWS CodeDeploy AWS.CodeDeploy 2014-10-06 馃帀
AWS CodePipeline AWS.CodePipeline 2015-07-09 馃帀
Amazon Cognito Identity AWS.CognitoIdentity 2014-06-30 馃帀
Amazon Cognito Identity Provider AWS.CognitoIdentityServiceProvider 2016-04-18 馃帀
Amazon Cognito Sync AWS.CognitoSync 2014-06-30 馃帀
AWS Config AWS.ConfigService 2014-11-12 馃帀
AWS Cost and Usage Report Service AWS.CUR 2017-01-06 馃帀
AWS Data Pipeline AWS.DataPipeline 2012-10-29
AWS Device Farm AWS.DeviceFarm 2015-06-23 馃帀
AWS Direct Connect AWS.DirectConnect 2012-10-25 馃帀
AWS Directory Service AWS.DirectoryService 2015-04-16
AWS Application Discovery Service AWS.Discovery 2015-11-01
AWS Database Migration Service AWS.DMS 2016-01-01
Amazon DynamoDB AWS.DynamoDB 2012-08-10 馃帀
Amazon DynamoDB AWS.DynamoDB 2011-12-05 馃帀
Amazon DynamoDB Streams AWS.DynamoDBStreams 2012-08-10 馃帀
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud AWS.EC2 2016-11-15 馃帀
Amazon EC2 Container Registry AWS.ECR 2015-09-21 馃帀
Amazon EC2 Container Service AWS.ECS 2014-11-13 馃帀
Amazon Elastic File System AWS.EFS 2015-02-01 馃帀
Amazon ElastiCache AWS.ElastiCache 2015-02-02 馃帀
AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS.ElasticBeanstalk 2010-12-01 馃帀
Elastic Load Balancing AWS.ELB 2012-06-01 馃帀
Elastic Load Balancing AWS.ELBv2 2015-12-01 馃帀
Amazon Elastic MapReduce AWS.EMR 2009-03-31 馃帀
Amazon Elasticsearch Service AWS.ES 2015-01-01
Amazon Elastic Transcoder AWS.ElasticTranscoder 2012-09-25 馃帀
Amazon Kinesis Firehose AWS.Firehose 2015-08-04 馃帀
Amazon GameLift AWS.GameLift 2015-10-01 馃帀
Amazon Glacier AWS.Glacier 2012-06-01
AWS Health APIs and Notifications AWS.Health 2016-08-04
AWS Identity and Access Management AWS.IAM 2010-05-08 馃帀
AWS Import/Export AWS.ImportExport 2010-06-01
Amazon Inspector AWS.Inspector 2016-02-16 馃帀
AWS IoT AWS.Iot 2015-05-28 馃帀
AWS IoT Data Plane AWS.IotData 2015-05-28 馃帀
Amazon Kinesis AWS.Kinesis 2013-12-02 馃帀
Amazon Kinesis Analytics AWS.KinesisAnalytics 2015-08-14
AWS Key Management Service AWS.KMS 2014-11-01 馃帀
AWS Lambda AWS.Lambda 2015-03-31 馃帀
AWS Lambda AWS.Lambda 2014-11-11 馃帀
Amazon Lex Runtime Service AWS.LexRuntime 2016-11-28 馃帀
Amazon Lex Runtime V2 AWS.LexRuntimeV2 2020-08-07 馃帀
Amazon Lightsail AWS.Lightsail 2016-11-28
Amazon Machine Learning AWS.MachineLearning 2014-12-12 馃帀
AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics AWS.MarketplaceCommerceAnalytics 2015-07-01 馃帀
AWSMarketplace Metering AWS.MarketplaceMetering 2016-01-14
AWSMarketplace Catalog API AWS.MarketplaceCatalogAPI 2020-09-15 馃帀
Amazon Mechanical Turk AWS.MTurk 2017-01-17 馃帀
Amazon Mobile Analytics AWS.MobileAnalytics 2014-06-05 馃帀
AWS OpsWorks AWS.OpsWorks 2013-02-18 馃帀
AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate AWS.OpsWorksCM 2016-11-01
AWS Organizations AWS.Organizations 2016-11-28
Amazon Pinpoint AWS.Pinpoint 2016-12-01
Amazon Polly AWS.Polly 2016-06-10 馃帀
Amazon Relational Database Service AWS.RDS 2014-10-31 馃帀
Amazon Relational Database Service AWS.RDS 2014-09-01 馃帀
Amazon Relational Database Service AWS.RDS 2013-09-09 馃帀
Amazon Relational Database Service AWS.RDS 2013-02-12 馃帀
Amazon Relational Database Service AWS.RDS 2013-01-10 馃帀
Amazon Redshift AWS.Redshift 2012-12-01 馃帀
Amazon Rekognition AWS.Rekognition 2016-06-27 馃帀
AWS Resource Groups Tagging API AWS.ResourceGroupsTaggingAPI 2017-01-26
Amazon Route 53 AWS.Route53 2013-04-01 馃帀
Amazon Route 53 Domains AWS.Route53Domains 2014-05-15 馃帀
Amazon Simple Storage Service AWS.S3 2006-03-01 馃帀
AWS S3 Control AWS.S3Control 2018-08-20
AWS Service Catalog AWS.ServiceCatalog 2015-12-10 馃帀
Amazon Simple Email Service AWS.SES 2010-12-01 馃帀
AWS Shield AWS.Shield 2016-06-02
Amazon SimpleDB AWS.SimpleDB 2009-04-15
AWS Server Migration Service AWS.SMS 2016-10-24
Amazon Import/Export Snowball AWS.Snowball 2016-06-30
Amazon Simple Notification Service AWS.SNS 2010-03-31 馃帀
Amazon Simple Queue Service AWS.SQS 2012-11-05 馃帀
Amazon Simple Systems Manager (SSM) AWS.SSM 2014-11-06 馃帀
AWS Storage Gateway AWS.StorageGateway 2013-06-30 馃帀
AWS Step Functions AWS.StepFunctions 2016-11-23
AWS Security Token Service AWS.STS 2011-06-15 馃帀
AWS Support AWS.Support 2013-04-15
Amazon Simple Workflow Service AWS.SWF 2012-01-25
AWS X-Ray AWS.XRay 2016-04-12 馃帀
AWS WAF AWS.WAF 2015-08-24 馃帀
AWS WAF Regional AWS.WAFRegional 2016-11-28
Amazon WorkDocs AWS.WorkDocs 2016-05-01 馃帀
Amazon WorkSpaces AWS.WorkSpaces 2015-04-08
AWS CodeStar AWS.CodeStar 2017-04-19
Amazon Lex Model Building Service AWS.LexModelBuildingService 2017-04-19 馃帀
AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service AWS.MarketplaceEntitlementService 2017-01-11
Amazon Athena AWS.Athena 2017-05-18
AWS Greengrass AWS.Greengrass 2017-06-07
Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) AWS.DAX 2017-04-19
AWS Migration Hub AWS.MigrationHub 2017-05-31
AWS CloudHSM V2 AWS.CloudHSMV2 2017-04-28
AWS Glue AWS.Glue 2017-03-31
AWS Mobile AWS.Mobile 2017-07-01
AWS Price List Service AWS.Pricing 2017-10-15 馃帀
AWS Cost Explorer Service AWS.CostExplorer 2017-10-25 馃帀
AWS Elemental MediaConvert AWS.MediaConvert 2017-08-29
AWS Elemental MediaLive AWS.MediaLive 2017-10-14
AWS Elemental MediaPackage AWS.MediaPackage 2017-10-12
AWS Elemental MediaStore AWS.MediaStore 2017-09-01
AWS Elemental MediaStore Data Plane AWS.MediaStoreData 2017-09-01 馃帀
AWS AppSync AWS.AppSync 2017-07-25
Amazon GuardDuty AWS.GuardDuty 2017-11-28
AmazonMQ AWS.MQ 2017-11-27
Amazon Comprehend AWS.Comprehend 2017-11-27 馃帀
AWS IoT Jobs Data Plane AWS.IoTJobsDataPlane 2017-09-29
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Archived Media AWS.KinesisVideoArchivedMedia 2017-09-30 馃帀
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Media AWS.KinesisVideoMedia 2017-09-30 馃帀
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams AWS.KinesisVideo 2017-09-30 馃帀
Amazon SageMaker Runtime AWS.SageMakerRuntime 2017-05-13
Amazon SageMaker Service AWS.SageMaker 2017-07-24
Amazon Translate AWS.Translate 2017-07-01 馃帀
AWS Resource Groups AWS.ResourceGroups 2017-11-27 馃帀
Alexa For Business AWS.AlexaForBusiness 2017-11-09
AWS Cloud9 AWS.Cloud9 2017-09-23
AWSServerlessApplicationRepository AWS.ServerlessApplicationRepository 2017-09-08
AWS Cloud Map AWS.ServiceDiscovery 2017-03-14
Amazon WorkMail AWS.WorkMail 2017-10-01
AWS Auto Scaling Plans AWS.AutoScalingPlans 2018-01-06
Amazon Transcribe Service AWS.TranscribeService 2017-10-26
Amazon Connect Service AWS.Connect 2017-08-08 馃帀
AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority AWS.ACMPCA 2017-08-22
Firewall Management Service AWS.FMS 2018-01-01
AWS Secrets Manager AWS.SecretsManager 2017-10-17 馃帀
AWS IoT Analytics AWS.IoTAnalytics 2017-11-27 馃帀
AWS IoT 1-Click Devices Service AWS.IoT1ClickDevicesService 2018-05-14
AWS IoT 1-Click Projects Service AWS.IoT1ClickProjects 2018-05-14
AWS Performance Insights AWS.PI 2018-02-27
Amazon Neptune AWS.Neptune 2014-10-31
AWS MediaTailor AWS.MediaTailor 2018-04-23
Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes AWS.EKS 2017-11-01
Amazon Macie AWS.Macie 2017-12-19
Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager AWS.DLM 2018-01-12
AWS Signer AWS.Signer 2017-08-25
Amazon Chime AWS.Chime 2018-05-01
Amazon Pinpoint Email Service AWS.PinpointEmail 2018-07-26
AWS Resource Access Manager AWS.RAM 2018-01-04
Amazon Route 53 Resolver AWS.Route53Resolver 2018-04-01
Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice Service AWS.PinpointSMSVoice 2018-09-05
Amazon QuickSight AWS.QuickSight 2018-04-01
AWS RDS DataService AWS.RDSDataService 2018-08-01
AWS Amplify AWS.Amplify 2017-07-25
AWS DataSync AWS.DataSync 2018-11-09
AWS RoboMaker AWS.RoboMaker 2018-06-29
AWS Transfer for SFTP AWS.Transfer 2018-11-05
AWS Global Accelerator AWS.GlobalAccelerator 2018-08-08
AWS Comprehend Medical AWS.ComprehendMedical 2018-10-30 馃帀
Amazon Kinesis Analytics AWS.KinesisAnalyticsV2 2018-05-23
AWS MediaConnect AWS.MediaConnect 2018-11-14
Amazon FSx AWS.FSx 2018-03-01
AWS SecurityHub AWS.SecurityHub 2018-10-26
AWS App Mesh AWS.AppMesh 2019-01-25
AWS App Mesh AWS.AppMesh 2018-10-01
AWS License Manager AWS.LicenseManager 2018-08-01
Managed Streaming for Kafka AWS.Kafka 2018-11-14
AmazonApiGatewayManagementApi AWS.ApiGatewayManagementApi 2018-11-29
AmazonApiGatewayV2 AWS.ApiGatewayV2 2018-11-29
Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB compatibility AWS.DocDB 2014-10-31
AWS Backup AWS.Backup 2018-11-15
Amazon WorkLink AWS.WorkLink 2018-09-25
Amazon Textract AWS.Textract 2018-06-27
Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus AWS.Amp 2020-08-01 馃帀