X.509 certificate linter
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X.509 certificate linter

certlint is currently at version 0.9.0. It does not yet build as a gem.

For now, execute by running:

ruby -I lib:ext bin/certlint or ruby -I lib:ext bin/cablint

Required gems

  • public_suffix
  • simpleidn

If using less than Ruby 2.3, you also need the unf gem.

Building the asn1validator extension

certlint requires that the asn1validator extension be available.

See ext/README for instructions on building it.


Messages will be output one per line. Each line will start with a single capital letter, a colon, and a space. The letters indicate the type of message:

  • B: Bug. Your certificate has a feature not handled by certlint.
  • I: Information. These are purely informational; no action is needed.
  • N: Notice. These are items known to cause issues with one or more implementations of certificate processing but are not errors according to the standard.
  • W: Warning. These are issues where a standard recommends differently but the standard uses terms such as "SHOULD" or "MAY".
  • E: Error. These are issues where the certificate is not compliant with the standard.
  • F: Fatal Error. These errors are fatal to the checks and prevent most further checks from being executed. These are extremely bad errors.


Certlint was written by Peter Bowen (pzbowen@gmail.com).

Contributors include Matt Palmer, Rob Stradling, David Keeler, and Karsten Weiss.