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A tool for Amazon DynamoDB to find violations on an online GSI's hash key and range key.
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For an overview of the DynamoDB Online Index Violation Detector Tool, please refer to the AWS DynamoDB Documentation.

Minimum Requirements

  • Java 1.7+
  • Maven

Getting Started

To download the code and to build and create a runnable jar, use the following commands:

git clone
cd dynamodb-online-index-violation-detector
mvn package

This will generate a jar named ViolationDetector.jar in the dynamodb-online-index-violation-detector directory.


You can run the generated jar named ViolationDetector.jar to start detecting and correcting violations on any DynamoDB table.

java -jar ViolationDetector.jar [options]

Available options:

  • -p,--configFilePath <configFilePath>
    • Path of the config file. This option is required for both detection and correction. Refer to the sample file.
  • -t,--detect <keep/delete>
    • Detect violations on given table. With 'keep', violations will be kept and recorded. With 'delete', violations will be deleted and recorded.
  • -c,--correct <update/delete>
    • Correct violations based on records on correction input file. With 'delete', records on input file will be deleted from the table. With 'update', records on input file will be updated to the table.
  • -h,--help
    • Help and usage information

For detailed instructions, refer to the AWS DynamoDB Documentation.

Running Integration Tests

In order to run integration tests, you will have to start DynamoDB Local server on port 8000. For downloading and starting DynamoDB Local, refer to the instructions given in the AWS DynamoDB Local Documentation. Once you have the server running, run the following command to start integration tests:

mvn integration-test


  • The 'recordDetails' option with value set as 'true' does not work for binary attribute values that cannot be encoded using UTF-8 character set.
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