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* recording.h: Recording file handling
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: recording.h 2.30 2012/03/13 12:41:05 kls Exp $
#ifndef __RECORDING_H
#define __RECORDING_H
#include <time.h>
#include "channels.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "epg.h"
#include "thread.h"
#include "timers.h"
#include "tools.h"
//#define __RECORDING_H_DEPRECATED_DIRECT_MEMBER_ACCESS // Code enclosed with this macro is deprecated and may be removed in a future version
extern bool VfatFileSystem;
extern int InstanceId;
void RemoveDeletedRecordings(void);
void AssertFreeDiskSpace(int Priority = 0, bool Force = false);
///< The special Priority value -1 means that we shall get rid of any
///< deleted recordings faster than normal (because we're cutting).
///< If Force is true, the check will be done even if the timeout
///< hasn't expired yet.
class cResumeFile {
char *fileName;
bool isPesRecording;
cResumeFile(const char *FileName, bool IsPesRecording);
int Read(void);
bool Save(int Index);
void Delete(void);
class cRecordingInfo {
friend class cRecording;
tChannelID channelID;
char *channelName;
const cEvent *event;
cEvent *ownEvent;
char *aux;
double framesPerSecond;
int priority;
int lifetime;
char *fileName;
cRecordingInfo(const cChannel *Channel = NULL, const cEvent *Event = NULL);
bool Read(FILE *f);
void SetData(const char *Title, const char *ShortText, const char *Description);
void SetAux(const char *Aux);
cRecordingInfo(const char *FileName);
tChannelID ChannelID(void) const { return channelID; }
const char *ChannelName(void) const { return channelName; }
const cEvent *GetEvent(void) const { return event; }
const char *Title(void) const { return event->Title(); }
const char *ShortText(void) const { return event->ShortText(); }
const char *Description(void) const { return event->Description(); }
const cComponents *Components(void) const { return event->Components(); }
const char *Aux(void) const { return aux; }
double FramesPerSecond(void) const { return framesPerSecond; }
void SetFramesPerSecond(double FramesPerSecond);
bool Write(FILE *f, const char *Prefix = "") const;
bool Read(void);
bool Write(void) const;
class cRecording : public cListObject {
friend class cRecordings;
mutable int resume;
mutable char *titleBuffer;
mutable char *sortBuffer;
mutable char *fileName;
mutable char *name;
mutable int fileSizeMB;
mutable int numFrames;
int channel;
int instanceId;
bool isPesRecording;
double framesPerSecond;
cRecordingInfo *info;
cRecording(const cRecording&); // can't copy cRecording
cRecording &operator=(const cRecording &); // can't assign cRecording
static char *StripEpisodeName(char *s);
char *SortName(void) const;
int GetResume(void) const;
time_t start;
int priority;
int lifetime;
time_t deleted;
cRecording(cTimer *Timer, const cEvent *Event);
cRecording(const char *FileName);
virtual ~cRecording();
time_t Start(void) const { return start; }
int Priority(void) const { return priority; }
int Lifetime(void) const { return lifetime; }
time_t Deleted(void) const { return deleted; }
virtual int Compare(const cListObject &ListObject) const;
const char *Name(void) const { return name; }
const char *FileName(void) const;
const char *Title(char Delimiter = ' ', bool NewIndicator = false, int Level = -1) const;
const cRecordingInfo *Info(void) const { return info; }
const char *PrefixFileName(char Prefix);
int HierarchyLevels(void) const;
void ResetResume(void) const;
double FramesPerSecond(void) const { return framesPerSecond; }
int NumFrames(void) const;
///< Returns the number of frames in this recording.
///< If the number of frames is unknown, -1 will be returned.
int LengthInSeconds(void) const;
///< Returns the length (in seconds) of this recording, or -1 in case of error.
int FileSizeMB(void) const;
///< Returns the total file size of this recording (in MB), or -1 if the file
///< size is unknown.
bool IsNew(void) const { return GetResume() <= 0; }
bool IsEdited(void) const;
bool IsPesRecording(void) const { return isPesRecording; }
void ReadInfo(void);
bool WriteInfo(void);
void SetStartTime(time_t Start);
///< Sets the start time of this recording to the given value.
///< If a filename has already been set for this recording, it will be
///< deleted and a new one will be generated (using the new start time)
///< at the next call to FileName().
///< Use this function with care - it does not check whether a recording with
///< this new name already exists, and if there is one, results may be
///< unexpected!
bool Delete(void);
///< Changes the file name so that it will no longer be visible in the "Recordings" menu
///< Returns false in case of error
bool Remove(void);
///< Actually removes the file from the disk
///< Returns false in case of error
bool Undelete(void);
///< Changes the file name so that it will be visible in the "Recordings" menu again and
///< not processed by cRemoveDeletedRecordingsThread.
///< Returns false in case of error
class cRecordings : public cList<cRecording>, public cThread {
static char *updateFileName;
bool deleted;
time_t lastUpdate;
int state;
const char *UpdateFileName(void);
void Refresh(bool Foreground = false);
void ScanVideoDir(const char *DirName, bool Foreground = false, int LinkLevel = 0);
void Action(void);
cRecordings(bool Deleted = false);
virtual ~cRecordings();
bool Load(void) { return Update(true); }
///< Loads the current list of recordings and returns true if there
///< is anything in it (for compatibility with older plugins - use
///< Update(true) instead).
bool Update(bool Wait = false);
///< Triggers an update of the list of recordings, which will run
///< as a separate thread if Wait is false. If Wait is true, the
///< function returns only after the update has completed.
///< Returns true if Wait is true and there is anything in the list
///< of recordings, false otherwise.
void TouchUpdate(void);
///< Touches the '.update' file in the video directory, so that other
///< instances of VDR that access the same video directory can be triggered
///< to update their recordings list.
bool NeedsUpdate(void);
void ChangeState(void) { state++; }
bool StateChanged(int &State);
void ResetResume(const char *ResumeFileName = NULL);
cRecording *GetByName(const char *FileName);
void AddByName(const char *FileName, bool TriggerUpdate = true);
void DelByName(const char *FileName);
void UpdateByName(const char *FileName);
int TotalFileSizeMB(void);
double MBperMinute(void);
///< Returns the average data rate (in MB/min) of all recordings, or -1 if
///< this value is unknown.
extern cRecordings Recordings;
extern cRecordings DeletedRecordings;
class cMark : public cListObject {
friend class cMarks; // for sorting
double framesPerSecond;
int position;
cString comment;
cMark(int Position = 0, const char *Comment = NULL, double FramesPerSecond = DEFAULTFRAMESPERSECOND);
virtual ~cMark();
int Position(void) const { return position; }
const char *Comment(void) const { return comment; }
void SetPosition(int Position) { position = Position; }
void SetComment(const char *Comment) { comment = Comment; }
cString ToText(void);
bool Parse(const char *s);
bool Save(FILE *f);
class cMarks : public cConfig<cMark> {
cString fileName;
double framesPerSecond;
time_t nextUpdate;
time_t lastFileTime;
time_t lastChange;
bool Load(const char *RecordingFileName, double FramesPerSecond = DEFAULTFRAMESPERSECOND, bool IsPesRecording = false);
bool Update(void);
void Sort(void);
cMark *Add(int Position);
cMark *Get(int Position);
cMark *GetPrev(int Position);
cMark *GetNext(int Position);
#define RUC_BEFORERECORDING "before"
#define RUC_AFTERRECORDING "after"
#define RUC_EDITEDRECORDING "edited"
class cRecordingUserCommand {
static const char *command;
static void SetCommand(const char *Command) { command = Command; }
static void InvokeCommand(const char *State, const char *RecordingFileName);
// The maximum size of a single frame (up to HDTV 1920x1080):
#define MAXFRAMESIZE (KILOBYTE(1024) / TS_SIZE * TS_SIZE) // multiple of TS_SIZE to avoid breaking up TS packets
// The maximum file size is limited by the range that can be covered
// with a 40 bit 'unsigned int', which is 1TB. The actual maximum value
// used is 6MB below the theoretical maximum, to have some safety (the
// actual file size may be slightly higher because we stop recording only
// before the next independent frame, to have a complete Group Of Pictures):
#define MAXVIDEOFILESIZETS 1048570 // MB
struct tIndexTs;
class cIndexFileGenerator;
class cIndexFile {
int f;
cString fileName;
int size, last;
tIndexTs *index;
bool isPesRecording;
cResumeFile resumeFile;
cIndexFileGenerator *indexFileGenerator;
cMutex mutex;
static cString IndexFileName(const char *FileName, bool IsPesRecording);
void ConvertFromPes(tIndexTs *IndexTs, int Count);
void ConvertToPes(tIndexTs *IndexTs, int Count);
bool CatchUp(int Index = -1);
cIndexFile(const char *FileName, bool Record, bool IsPesRecording = false, bool PauseLive = false);
bool Ok(void) { return index != NULL; }
bool Write(bool Independent, uint16_t FileNumber, off_t FileOffset);
bool Get(int Index, uint16_t *FileNumber, off_t *FileOffset, bool *Independent = NULL, int *Length = NULL);
int GetNextIFrame(int Index, bool Forward, uint16_t *FileNumber = NULL, off_t *FileOffset = NULL, int *Length = NULL);
int Get(uint16_t FileNumber, off_t FileOffset);
int Last(void) { CatchUp(); return last; }
int GetResume(void) { return resumeFile.Read(); }
bool StoreResume(int Index) { return resumeFile.Save(Index); }
bool IsStillRecording(void);
void Delete(void);
static int GetLength(const char *FileName, bool IsPesRecording = false);
///< Calculates the recording length (number of frames) without actually reading the index file.
///< Returns -1 in case of error.
class cFileName {
cUnbufferedFile *file;
uint16_t fileNumber;
char *fileName, *pFileNumber;
bool record;
bool blocking;
bool isPesRecording;
cFileName(const char *FileName, bool Record, bool Blocking = false, bool IsPesRecording = false);
const char *Name(void) { return fileName; }
uint16_t Number(void) { return fileNumber; }
bool GetLastPatPmtVersions(int &PatVersion, int &PmtVersion);
cUnbufferedFile *Open(void);
void Close(void);
cUnbufferedFile *SetOffset(int Number, off_t Offset = 0); // yes, Number is int for easier internal calculating
cUnbufferedFile *NextFile(void);
cString IndexToHMSF(int Index, bool WithFrame = false, double FramesPerSecond = DEFAULTFRAMESPERSECOND);
// Converts the given index to a string, optionally containing the frame number.
int HMSFToIndex(const char *HMSF, double FramesPerSecond = DEFAULTFRAMESPERSECOND);
// Converts the given string (format: "hh:mm:ss.ff") to an index.
int SecondsToFrames(int Seconds, double FramesPerSecond = DEFAULTFRAMESPERSECOND);
// Returns the number of frames corresponding to the given number of seconds.
int ReadFrame(cUnbufferedFile *f, uchar *b, int Length, int Max);
char *ExchangeChars(char *s, bool ToFileSystem);
// Exchanges the characters in the given string to or from a file system
// specific representation (depending on ToFileSystem). The given string will
// be modified and may be reallocated if more space is needed. The return
// value points to the resulting string, which may be different from s.
bool GenerateIndex(const char *FileName);
#endif //__RECORDING_H