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IcoMoon for ReactJS
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React-Icomoon Logo

Size < 2kb and 0 Dependencies

With React-Icomoon you can easily use the icons you have selected or created in icomoon.



npm install react-icomoon


You can use the icons you selected on IcoMoon by downloading the selection.json file.


// icon.js
import React from "react";
import IcoMoon from "react-icomoon";
const iconSet = require("./selection.json");

const Icon = ({ ...props }) => {
  return <IcoMoon iconSet={iconSet} {...props} />;

export default Icon;


import Icon from "./icon";

<Icon icon="focus" />

Props List

Name Type Default Sample
iconSet Object undefined "selection.json file content"
icon String undefined "home"
size Number,String undefined "1em", 10, "100px"
color String undefined "red", "#f00", "rgb(0,0,0)"
style Object {...} { color: '#ff0'}
className String undefined "icomoon"
disableFill Boolean undefined true
removeInlineStyle Boolean undefined true

Default Style

  display: "inline-block",
  stroke: "currentColor",
  fill: "currentColor",
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