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Command-line tools for Azure.
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Microsoft Azure CLI

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A great cloud needs great tools; we're excited to introduce Azure CLI, our next generation multi-platform command line experience for Azure.

Take a test run now from Azure Cloud Shell!


Please refer to the install guide for detailed install instructions.

A list of common install issues and their resolutions are available at install troubleshooting.

Developer Installation (see below)


$ az [ group ] [ subgroup ] [ command ] {parameters}

Get Started

Please refer to the "get started" guide for in-depth instructions.

For usage and help content, pass in the -h parameter, for example:

$ az storage -h
$ az vm create -h


Here are a few features and concepts that can help you get the most out of the Azure CLI.

Azure CLI Highlight Reel

The following examples are showing using the --output table format, you can change your default using the az configure command.

Tab Completion

We support tab-completion for groups, commands, and some parameters

# looking up resource group and name
$ az vm show -g [tab][tab]
AccountingGroup   RGOne  WebPropertiesRG

$ az vm show -g WebPropertiesRG -n [tab][tab]
StoreVM  Bizlogic

$ az vm show -g WebPropertiesRG -n Bizlogic


You can use the --query parameter and the JMESPath query syntax to customize your output.

$ az vm list --query "[?provisioningState=='Succeeded'].{ name: name, os: storageProfile.osDisk.osType }"
Name                    Os
----------------------  -------
storevm                 Linux
bizlogic                Linux
demo32111vm             Windows
dcos-master-39DB807E-0  Linux

Exit Codes

For scripting purposes, we output certain exit codes for differing scenarios.

Exit Code Scenario
0 Command ran successfully.
1 Generic error; server returned bad status code, CLI validation failed, etc.
2 Parser error; check input to command line.
3 Missing ARM resource; used for existence check from show commands.

More Samples and Snippets

For more usage examples, take a look at our GitHub samples repo or

For how to use CLI effectively, check out tips.

Reporting issues and feedback

If you encounter any bugs with the tool please file an issue in the Issues section of our GitHub repo.

To provide feedback from the command line, try the az feedback command.

Developer Installation


We maintain a Docker image preconfigured with the Azure CLI. See our Docker tags for available versions.

$ docker run -v ${HOME}:/root -it --rm<version>

For automated builds triggered by pushes to this repo, see azuresdk/azure-cli-python. For example:

docker run -v ${HOME}:/root -it --rm azuresdk/azure-cli-python:dev

Edge Builds

If you want to get the latest build from the dev branch, you can use our "edge" builds.

You can download the latest builds by following the links below:

Platform Link

You can easily install the latest Homebrew edge build with the following command:

brew install $(curl -Ls -o /dev/null -w %{url_effective}

Developer Setup

If you would like to setup a development environment and contribute to the CLI, see:

Configuring Your Machine

Authoring Command Modules

Contribute Code

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct.

For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

If you would like to become an active contributor to this project please follow the instructions provided in Microsoft Azure Projects Contribution Guidelines.

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