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Setup Helm

Install a specific version of helm binary on the runner.


Acceptable values are latest or any semantic version string like v3.5.0 Use this action in workflow to define which version of helm will be used. v2 and v3 of this action only support Helm3.

- uses: azure/setup-helm@v3
     version: '<version>' # default is latest (stable)
     token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} # only needed if version is 'latest'
  id: install

Note: When using latest version you might hit the GitHub GraphQL API hourly rate limit of 5,000. The action will then return the hardcoded default stable version (currently v3.9.0). If you rely on a certain version higher than the default, you should use that version instead of latest.

The cached helm binary path is prepended to the PATH environment variable as well as stored in the helm-path output variable. Refer to the action metadata file for details about all the inputs


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