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Conquery provides a powerful web-based platform to compose and execute queries against large event-like data sets.

Event data sets typically associate events with a certain subject (i.e. a person or a physical object). One common use case for the data is to identify groups of similar subjects based on the assumption that they share similar events in a given time frame.

As a result, Conquery provides a powerful mechanism to group and classify event types in a hierarchical concept tree structure. Elements of this tree represent a group of similar subjects and can be intuitively selected and arranged to run queries against the data set.

Starting the demo

This repository includes the Conquery frontend along with a non-functional backend. It provides a set of example concept trees to demonstrate the capabilities of the UI: The example's use case is to search for groups of actors who appeared in movies of the same genre or received the same award.

The demo can be started using the following commands, provided that node.js (version 8.x LTS) and yarn are already installed:

cd frontend/
yarn install
yarn start


This platform was created by InGef – Institut für angewandte Gesundheitsforschung Berlin GmbH in cooperation with bakdata GmbH. Special thanks go to Kai Rollmann for a great job directing frontend and design in the first half year of the project.

InGef – Institut für angewandte Gesundheitsforschung Berlin GmbHbakdata GmbH