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sails-mongo Changelog

In development

  • [BUG] Fix issue with aggregation with MongoDB version >=3.4. Now the cursor option is mandatory. @luislobo


  • [COMPATIBILITY] Upgrade to v1 of the Waterline adapter API.


  • [INTERNAL] Bump and pin dependency versions
  • [BUG] Update mongo driver version picking up patches fixes issue with ssl connectivity which was resolved in mongodb[2.1.20]. See #425 for more details.


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Sets the reconnectInterval to the mongo default and adds a reconnectTries configuration option. See #118 for more details. Thanks @luislobo for the patch!


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Now exposes a flag wlNext that allows you to toggle the case sensitivity of a string query. See #380 and #238 for more. Thanks @nicoespeon.


  • [ENHANCEMENT] When running an update only return _id values when doing the initial lookup. See #237 for more. Thanks @andyhu.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Better error message for duplicate keys when using Wired Tiger. See #372 for more. Thanks @Mordred.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Allow multi-line queries when using contains, like, startsWith, and endsWith. See #308 for more. Thanks @vbud.

  • [BUG] Fix issue when returning results with the key _id that are not actual ObjectId instances. See #356 for more. Thanks @miccar.

  • [STABILITY] Locked the dependency versions down.

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