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Change log



  • Update os-config to 1.0.0 [Zahari Petkov]
  • Update libqmi to version 1.20.2 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Update libmbim to version 1.16.2 [Florin Sarbu]
  • kernel-modules-headers: Add basic sanity test [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Fix kernel module header generation [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • image-resin.bbclass: Fix config.json pretty format [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Allow supervisor update on unmanaged devices [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update resin-supervisor to v8.6.3 [Cameron Diver]



  • Expose randomMacAddressScan config.json knob [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Move modemmanager udev rules in /lib/udev/rules.d [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix modemmanager bbappend files [Andrei Gherzan]
  • dnsmasq: Define as a fallback nameserver [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Increase timeout for filesystem label [Vicentiu Galanopulo]
  • Add support for Huawei ME936 modem in MBIM mode [Florin Sarbu]
  • Backport systemd sd-shutdown improvements for sumo versions [Florin Sarbu]
  • Include avahi d-bus introspection files in rootfs [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix custom udev rules when rule is removed from config.json [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • resin-mounts: Add NetworkManager conf.d bind mounts [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Add support to pass custom configuration to NetworkManager [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Add info about SSH and Avahi services [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Avoid xtables lock in resin-proxy-config [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Migrate the supervisor to balena repositories [Florin Sarbu]
  • Update balena-supervisor to v8.3.5 [Cameron Diver]
  • Update supported modems list [Florin Sarbu]



  • Rename resin-unique-key to balena-unique-key [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Don't let resin-unique-key rewrite config.json [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Generate ssh host key at first boot (not at first connection) [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix extraneous space in kernel-resin.bbclass config [Florin Sarbu]
  • Drop obsolete eval from kernel-resin's do_kernel_resin_reconfigure [Florin Sarbu]
  • Add SyslogIdentifier for balena and resin-supervisor healthdog services [Matthew McGinn]



  • Update resin-supervisor to v8.0.0 [Pablo Carranza Velez]



  • Resin-info: Small tweak for balenaCloud product [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.25.8 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Rename resinOS to balenaOS [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.25.5 [Cameron Diver]
  • Recipes-containers: Increase healthcheck timeout to 180s [Gergely Imreh]
  • .gitignore: add node_modules and package-lock files [Giovanni Garufi]



  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.25.3 [Pablo Carranza Velez]



  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.25.2 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Include a file [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update to ModemManager v1.8.2 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Updates on [Vicentiu Galanopulo]



  • Improve systemd service ordering in rollbacks [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.24.1 [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Avoid expander on flasher based on root kernel argument [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Resin-vars: Implement custom ssh keys service [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix redsocks interface creation when no proxy configured [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Replace NM's DHCP request option "Client indentifier" with udhcpc style option [Sebastian Panceac]
  • Fix for rollbacks in case of old balenaOS version [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.21.4 [Cameron Diver]
  • Warn if rules are found in /etc/udev/rules.d [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Add support to load custom udev rules from config.json [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Aufs-util: Package auplink separately [Florin Sarbu]
  • Enable kernel config dependencies for MBIM and QMI [Florin Sarbu]
  • Set UPX to use LZMA compression by default [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Downgrade UPX to 3.94 for ARM [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Balena update for rollbacks. mobynit can now mount rootfs from sysroot. [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Fix proxy when using containers over bridge network [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add support for aufs 4.9.9+, 4.9.94+, 4.18 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Add rollback-altboot service before balena service [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Add Automated Rollback recipe [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Add Automated Rollback support in u-boot env_resin.h [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Add a hook to support Automated Rollbacks [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Update HUP grub hook to support Automated Rollbacks [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Update HUP u-boot hook to support Automated Rollbacks [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Move kernel-image-initramfs from resin-image recipe to [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Have 99-resin-grub hostapp-update-hook decide which grub to use [Florin Sarbu]



  • Update Balena to fix tty console hanging in some cases [Petros Angelatos]
  • Pin down cargo deps (using Cargo.lock) to versions known working with rust 1.24.1 (for sumo) [Florin Sarbu]
  • Remove duplicate packaging of bcm43143 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Set ModemManager to ignore Inca Roads Serial Device [Petros Angelatos]
  • Add support for aufs 4.14.56+ [Florin Sarbu]
  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.19.7 [Cameron Diver]



  • Add a parsable representation of the changelog [Giovanni Garufi]



  • Update grub hooks to prepare to load kernel from root [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.19.4 [Cameron Diver]
  • Kernel-resin.bbclass: Enable CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_LOG as a module [John (Jack) Brown]
  • Balena: Update to current HEAD of 17.12-resin [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Compress os-config with UPX on arm64 too [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update upx to 3.95 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add support to skip flasher detection in env_resin.h [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Add the kernel to the rootfs [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Rework resin-supervisor systemd dependency on balena [Florin Sarbu]
  • Enhanced security options for dropbear - sumo [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Enhanced security options for dropbear - rocko [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Enhanced security options for dropbear - pyro [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Enhanced security options for dropbear - morty [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Enhanced security options for dropbear - krogoth [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Resin-proxy-config: The no_proxy file fails to parse when missing EOL [Rich Bayliss]



  • Os-config: UPX is broken on aarch64 [Theodor Gherzan]
  • Allow flasher types to pin preloaded devices [Theodor Gherzan]
  • Disable PIE for go [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Disable PIE for balena [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]



  • Bump balena version to latest 17.12-resin [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Update NetworkManager to 1.12.2 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Avoid os-config-devicekey / uuid service race [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Move the rw copy of config.json out of /tmp for flasher [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix dashboard feedback on fast flashing devices [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix ucl dependency in upx [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update kernel-modules-headers to v0.0.11 [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Update resin supervisor to v7.16.6 [Cameron Diver]



  • Update usb-modeswitch to version 2.5.0 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Fix kernel-modules-headers compile missing bio.h [Florin Sarbu]
  • Enable kernel config CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_CP210X as module [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update resin supervisor to v7.16.4 [Cameron Diver]



  • Fix ModemManager journald logs [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix openvpn journald logs [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Set maximum openvpn reconnect timeout to 2 minutes [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Resin-image: Handle absolute paths in RESIN_BOOT_PARTITION_FILES [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Exclude writable files from image's fingerprints file [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.16.2 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Use v4 API calls, move auth token into the request header [Gergely Imreh]
  • Fix no-pie variable name in tini rocko [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix alternative builds warnings in busybox [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Don't compile mobynit in rocko with PIE [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix key replace build warnings [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update go in krogoth to v1.9.4 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update go in morty to v1.9.4 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update go in pyro to v1.9.4 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update balena to version 17.12 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix when ntp servers passed via config.json and dhcp [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Disable PIE for the aufs-util package for Rocko boards [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Disable PIE for the aufs-util package for Sumo boards [Florin Sarbu]
  • Update resin supervisor to v7.16.0 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Document supported modems [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Allow re-run of useradd commands in docker-disk's [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update rust to 1.20 and cargo to 0.21.0 in Morty [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update rust to 1.20 and cargo to 0.21.0 in Krogoth [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Unify managed and unmanaged images and introduce os-config [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Update resin-supervisor v 7.14.0 [Cameron Diver]
  • Fix rootfs fingerprints on poky rocko or newer [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Reboot device if there is a kernel panic [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]



  • Update resin-supervisor to v7.13.2 [Cameron Diver]



  • Avoid overwriting SECURITY_CFLAGS for tini recipe [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix tini segfault after sumo update [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Update ModemManager to 1.8.0 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Switch NetworkManager to using the internal DHCP client [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update NetworkManager to 1.12.0 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update resin-supervisor to 7.13.1 [Cameron Diver]



  • Update balena to fix boot lag [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Set DHCP timeout to infinity for IPv4 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Add aufs support for kernels 4.15, 4.16 and 4.17 [Florin Sarbu]



  • Fix mobynit runtime crash when compiled with gcc 7.3.0 with static PIE support enabled [Florin Sarbu]
  • Fix typo in balena systemd service [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Various fixes for issues introduced by the switch to chrony [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fsck all partitions if resin-data isn't seen [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Remove jethro and fido yocto versions support [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update resin-supervisor to 7.11.0 [Cameron Diver]
  • Replace systemd-timesyncd with chrony [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Set ModemManager to ignore STM32F407 devices [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Update resin-supervisor to 7.10.0 [Cameron Diver]
  • Add support for yocto sumo [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update with more yocto versions [Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel]
  • Docker-resin-supverisor-disk: Update supervisor to version 7.9.0 [Akis Kesoglou]
  • Docker-resin-supverisor-disk: Update supervisor to version 7.5.6 [Cameron Diver]



  • Fix typo in timeinit-timestamp service [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Use system clock at boot based on RTC when available [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update Network Manager to version 1.10.2 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Adds Teensy udev rules [Henry Miskin]



  • Initialize system clock using the build time [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix typo in resin-mounts [Mans Zigher]
  • Update supervisor to v7.4.3 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Update supervisor to v7.4.2 [Akis Kesoglou]
  • Move to Supervisor v7.4.1. [Heds Simons]
  • Pass self-signed CA data to the Supervisor and for Docker registry trust. [Heds Simons]
  • Extract balenaRootCA property from config.json to allow interoperation with a self-signed service. [Heds Simons]
  • Split resin specific changes in dnsmasq in a separate bbappend [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Allow not existing supervisor.conf file [Bruno Binet]
  • Remove remnants of 1.x updater, which is not needed anymore [Gergely Imreh]
  • Allow update resin spervisor when API endpoint is not available [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Apply upstream patch for redsocks to fix http-config regression [Gergely Imreh]
  • Update supervisor to v7.1.20 [Akis Kesoglou]



  • Fig slang configure build warning [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix racing issue of state label existance in initramfs [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Stop dependending on udev settle at boot [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Fix persistent logging [Andrei Gherzan]
  • USB Modem (CDC ACM) support enabled as kernel module [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update supervisor to v7.1.18 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Add support for persistent NetworkManager state directory [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Update supervisor to v7.1.14 [Florin Sarbu]



  • Update supervisor to v7.1.11 [Akis Kesoglou]
  • Balena: Update package to include deadlock fix [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Remove bashisms in resin-init-flasher recipe [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Disable openvpn time-based tls key renegotiation [Will Boyce]



  • Update supervisor to v7.1.7 [Theodor Gherzan]



  • Update supervisor to v7.1.3 [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Resin-vars: Assume VPN port 443 if 1723 is provided in config.json [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Make update-resin-supervisor POSIX compliant [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add resin-openvpn.service alias for openvpn.service [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Fix docker-disk when docker build fails to not leave root files behind [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update supervisor to v7.1.0 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Fix connectivity in flasher images [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add missing kernel config dependency for leds-gpio [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Fix docker-disk when not including any docker image [Florin Sarbu]



  • Make sure rocko update doesn't add packages resinOS doesn't depend on [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Run bluetoothd with --experimental flag [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Resin-image-flasher fixes for rocko support [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Use the correct, full yocto CC/CXX variables when using go [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix 8000c in PACKAGES [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Always have /lib/modules directory in rootfs as supervisor requires it [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix console output when running resinOS with systemd >= 232 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Bring back the package which includes firmware for wilwifi 8000c [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update OpenVPN to 2.4.3 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Replace deprecated variable IMAGE_DEPENDS from image_types_resin.bbclass [Florin Sarbu]
  • Replace deprecated variable IMAGE_DEPENDS from [Florin Sarbu]
  • Adapt sysroot services/units to be used with resinOS in container [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Remove deprecated firmware: 8000c [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Resin-state-reset: This service now only removes the root-overlay [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix resin-provisioner 1.0.4 compile error on Poky Rocko [Florin Sarbu]
  • Make resin-provisioner only package the resulted go binary [Florin Sarbu]
  • Prepare the balena recipe for Poky Rocko [Florin Sarbu]
  • Use update-alternatives for deploying resolv.conf through dnsmasq [Florin Sarbu]
  • Make ModemManager depend on libxslt-native at build-time for Poky Rocko [Florin Sarbu]
  • Add initial structure for supporting Poky Rocko [Florin Sarbu]
  • Do not apply the use_atomic_key_generation_in_all_cases patch for dropbear 2017.75 or newer [Florin Sarbu]
  • Make image-resin.bbclass depend on jq-native at buildtime [Florin Sarbu]
  • Fix ucl-native ACC conformance test configure error on gcc6 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Update ModemManager to version 1.7.990 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Rename partition mount services to .service and handle stopping services [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Rename openvpn-resin service to openvpn [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Kernel-resin: Fix warnings about CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update supervisor to v6.6.3 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Let systemd handle openvpn run directory [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add support for running resinOS in a docker container [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add fs check for boot partition in initramfs [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix kernel-modules-headers when building from sstate [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Avoid mount warnings when using systemd mount units on files [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add support for private docker registry [Bruno Binet]
  • Docker-disk: Various improvements [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Networkmanager: Use bash-completion bbclass [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Use VPN port from config.json (defaulting it to 443) [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Housekeeping: adding PR template [Gergely Imreh]
  • Replace busybox less by GNU less [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix BALENA_STORAGE when machine specific definition is used [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Coreutils: Set uptime to use procfs for accurate uptime [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Install os-release file in the boot partition [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update balena to include locks fix [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Healthdog: Fix RPATH on newer meta-rust [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update supervisor to v6.6.0 [Pablo Carranza Velez]



  • Update supervisor to v6.5.9 [Pablo Carranza Velez]



  • Update supervisor to v6.5.8 [Pablo Carranza Velez]



  • Systemd: Backport patch to fix Remote DOS of systemd-resolve service [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Hostapp-update: Bind mount /dev from host so we can resolv labels [Andrei Gherzan]
  • NetworkManager: Allow managing "non-balena" bridge interfaces [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Add lsof package [Florin Sarbu]
  • Bring back resin-device-progress in resin-image [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update supervisor to v6.5.7 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Make hostapp-update-hooks rollback on failure optional [Gergely Imreh]



  • Activate memory/swap cgroups in kernel [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Make the grub hostapp update hook also work with non-EFI grub configs [Florin Sarbu]



  • Update supervisor to v6.5.3 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Pass /mnt/root/var/lib/docker as DOCKER_ROOT to the supervisor [Florin Sarbu]



  • Update supervisor to v6.5.1 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Use healthcheck with systemd and healthdog for supervisor [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update supervisor to v6.5.0 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Fix openvpn reporting when connectivity goes out, due to a filesystem permissions issue [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Update balena cu include healthcheck support [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add healthdog monitoring of balena [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Run the update container as privileged [Florin Sarbu]
  • Fix 0-bootfiles when running hooks [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add the lsblk binary to the flasher rootfs [Florin Sarbu]
  • Add boot partition space check for 0-bootfiles hostapp-update hook [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix hostapp-update to run the hooks for the OS we update to [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Switch to balena [Andrei Gherzan]



  • Kernel-modules-headers: Include aarch64 fix [Theodor Gherzan]



  • Support for legacy bootloaders [Theodor Gherzan]
  • Update NetworkManager to version 1.10.0 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Update aufs for kernel versions from 4.4 to 4.13 [Florin Sarbu]



  • Do our best to ensure we copy to internal media the config.json after resin-device-register was able to register the board [Florin Sarbu]



  • Delete the provisioning key after registering, to fix VPN authentication in flasher images [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Resin-image-initramfs: Include ext4 filesystem check module in our initramfs [Florin Sarbu]
  • Hostapp-update-hooks: fix typos in hook [Gergely Imreh]
  • Image-resin.bbclass: Add build time dependency on coreutils-native [Florin Sarbu]
  • Hostapp-update-hooks: Use boot files list from the 'next' OS [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add required kernel config dependency for being able to use redsocks [Florin Sarbu]
  • Check for enough space in boot partition to support atomic copy operations [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update libmbim to version 1.14.2 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Update libqmi to version 1.18.0 [Florin Sarbu]



  • Add supervisor for the intel-quark family [Theodor Gherzan]
  • Update ModemManager to version 1.6.10 [Florin Sarbu]
  • Update supervisor to v6.4.2 [Pablo Carranza Velez]



  • Ensure OpenVPN is restarted when config.json changes [Will Newton]
  • Support grub boards with hostapp-update-hooks [Theodor Gherzan]



  • Update supervisor to v6.3.6 [Pablo Carranza Velez]



  • Update API call in update-resin-supervisor for pine 5 [Gergely Imreh]
  • Fix start-resin-supervisor to start even when no supervisor image present [Gergely Imreh]
  • Update supervisor to v6.3.5 [Akis Kesoglou]
  • Fix fsck of boot partition with dosfstools [Will Newton]
  • Backport ModemManager flow control patches [Will Newton]
  • Update dnsmasq to 2.78 [Will Newton]



  • Fix mkfs.hostapp-ext4 with pyro [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Fix a syntax error in image_types_resin [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add a fixed goarch.bbclass for pyro [Will Newton]
  • Docker: Improved pull progress reporting [Akis Kesoglou]
  • Update supervisor to v6.3.1 [Akis Kesoglou]



  • Update docker [Theodor Gherzan]
  • Ensure docker links with systemd in pyro [Will Newton]



  • Add support for overaly2 in mobynit [Theodor Gherzan]
  • GPT support [Theodor Gherzan]
  • Update-resin-supervisor: device API key is substituted incorrectly [Gergely Imreh]
  • Support kernel 4.13 [Will Newton]
  • Update supervisor to v6.3.0 [Akis Kesoglou]



  • Fixes for Pyro-based flasher images [Will Newton]
  • Sort config.json keys [Will Newton]



  • Provide generic hostapp update hooks [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Deploy a list of boot files in root partition [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update supervisor to v6.2.9 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Add usbutils package [Will Newton]
  • Switch docker to inherit from Go class [Will Newton]
  • Enable zram kernel module by default [Will Newton]
  • Make sure hci bluetooth interfaces are activated once booted [Florin Sarbu]
  • Enable kernel stack protection [Will Newton]
  • Enable Yocto security flags on all builds [Will Newton]
  • Update gnutls to 3.5.9 in morty because of blocking NetworkManager [Robert Fritzsche]



  • Force use of host's docker daemon for the docker-disk recipe [Florin Sarbu]
  • Remove unused plymouth files to reduce size [Michal Mazurek]



  • Remove obsolete Go recipes [Will Newton]
  • Dynamically link docker [Petros Angelatos]
  • Include connectivity firmwares in Pyro [Will Newton]
  • Add glib-2.0-native dependencies for Pyro [Will Newton]
  • Switch to hostapp enabled rootfs [Petros Angelatos]
  • Update docker to 17.06 [Petros Angelatos]
  • Update modem manager to 1.6.8 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Use poky go recipes for Pyro and above [Will Newton]
  • Patch mtools directory creation [Will Newton]
  • Enable building Docker on Yocto Pyro [Will Newton]
  • Enable fsck for resin-state partition [Will Newton]
  • Add host tool dependencies for Yocto Pyro [Will Newton]
  • Move systemd sanity check to image recipes [Will Newton]
  • Disable rarely used kernel configs for size [Will Newton]



  • Update NetworkManager to 1.8.2 [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Only install systemd-analyze in development images [Will Newton]
  • Avoid removing the supervisor container when the supervisor exits [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Update supervisor to v6.2.5 [Pablo Carranza Velez]



  • Fix variable referencing in default variable substitution inside prepare-openvpn script [Florin Sarbu]



  • Use separate line for version in changelog file [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Run OpenVPN service as openvpn user [Andreas Fitzek]
  • Update supervisor to v6.2.1 [Akis Kesoglou]
  • Watch for VPN config changes in config.json [Pagan Gazzard]



  • Resize the splash logo to full screen instead of half screen [Gergely Imreh]
  • Set docker bridge subnet to [Petros Angelatos]
  • Re-enable UPX compression on AArch64 [Will Newton]
  • Resin-device-progress: fix typos that broke script [Gergely Imreh]
  • Upgrade upx to 3.94 [Will Newton]
  • Set deviceType in config.json [Will Newton]
  • Update supervisor to v6.1.3 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Fix typo in resin-persistent-logs [Will Newton]
  • Use BBCLASSEXTEND rather than inherit native [Florin Sarbu]



  • Update supervisor to v6.1.2 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Support building with Yocto Pyro [Will Newton]
  • Disable resin-sample NetworkManager connection [Will Newton]
  • Remove support for Yocto Daisy [Will Newton]



  • Update supervisor to v6.0.1 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Add support for overlay2 as docker storage driver [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Detect filesystem type automatically in resin mount systemd services [Michal Mazurek]
  • Fix util-linux to work with ubifs [Michal Mazurek]
  • Allow setting DNS servers in config.json [Will Newton]
  • Make sure resin-state-reset doesn't end up in an inconsistent state [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Remove latest supervisor tag as it is not used anymore [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add NTP configuration service [Will Newton]
  • Use full list of resin NTP servers [Will Newton]
  • Document config.json keys in [Will Newton]
  • Document Change-type and Changelog-entry git commit footers [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add systemd as a required distro feature [Will Newton]



  • Fix splash image migration in flasher images [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Add missing netfilter configs for our redsocks usage [Florin Sarbu]



  • Resin-vars: Fetch all the vars in resin-vars [Pagan Gazzard]
  • Add comment in supervisor.conf for clarity [Petros Angelatos]
  • Prevent supervisor from killing itself [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Store both image and tag in the temporary supervisor.conf [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Use current changelog format with versionist [Andrei Gherzan]
  • Update supervisor to v5.1.0 and use aarch64-supervisor for aarch64 [Pablo Carranza Velez]
  • Validate docker config from disk to avoid panicing [Petros Angelatos]
  • Versionist: add support for full versionist use [Gergely Imreh]



  • Add support for transparent proxy redirection using redsocks [Pablo]
  • Add prerequisites for ipk packages in resinOS images [Andrei]
  • Update supervisor to v5.0.0 [Pablo]
  • Allow downloading a missing supervisor [Will]
  • Add busybox patch to fix tar unpacking [Will]
  • Include support for the RT5572 wireless chipset [Theodor]
  • Add a quirk for /etc/mtab [Will]
  • Switch to ntp pool [petrosagg]
  • Undefine backwards compatibilty variable, INITRAMFS_TASK [Theodor]
  • Enable CONFIG_KEYS, docker 17 requirment [Theodor]
  • Update NetworkManager to 1.8.0 [Andrei]
  • Update supervisor to v4.3.1 [Andrei]
  • Set NetworkManager connection attempts to infinity [petrosagg]
  • Update Docker to 17.03.1 [Theodor]
  • Include fsck.vfat in resinOS [Andrei]



  • Update supervisor to v4.2.4 [Pablo]



  • Fix dependencies for mount service in /var/lib [Andrei]
  • Various build fixes when using other package formats like ipk [Andrei]
  • Define IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX, needed for resinhup, for Yocto versions older than Morty [Florin]
  • Add support for modifying the regulatory domain for wifi interfaces [Michal]
  • Add support for qmi and mbim cell modems [Joshua]
  • Disable all password logins on production images, rather than just root logins - this gets rid of the password prompt dialog that users have seen. [Page]



  • Enable the resin-uboot implementation to also boot flasher images from USB media [Florin]
  • Use supervisor tag as supervisor recipe PV [Andrei}



  • Copy resinOS_uEnv.txt from external to internal media [Theodor]
  • Fix resin-state-conf copying mechanism [Theodor]
  • Don't fingerprint config.json [Andrei]
  • Prevent resin-unique-key from running concurrently [Michal]
  • Add iwlwifi 8265 firmware [Florin]
  • Disable coredumps [Jon]
  • Add bind mounts for systemd persistent data [Jon]
  • Update supervisor to v4.2.2 [Page]
  • Explicitly set CONFIG_HIDRAW=y [Michal]
  • Fix symlink creation in resinhup_backwards_compatible_link() [Michal]



  • Fix build of kernel-modules-headers on kernel 4.8+ [Andrei]
  • Use ondemand as default governor [Andrei]
  • Do not force fsck on the data partition [Theodor]
  • Switch to the new device register endpoint which exchanges the provisioning key for a device api key [Page]
  • Switch to using a device api key for api calls and vpn authentication if it is present [Page]



  • Don't use getty generator even for development images [Andrei]
  • Fix resinos-img image compression [Theodor]
  • Revert 05288ce19781f9ab3b8c528f49537516b58db050 [Theodor]
  • Update NetworkManager to version 1.6.2 [Florin]
  • Update supervisor to v4.1.2 [Pablo]
  • Add aufs hashes for more kernel versions [fboudra]
  • Calculate IMAGE_ROOTFS_MAXSIZE dynamically [fboudra]
  • Don't attempt UPX compression on aarch64 [fboudra]
  • Tidy arch detection in kernel-modules-headers [fboudra]





  • Update supervisor to v4.1.1 [Pablo]
  • Replace echo with info in the resindataexpander initramfs script [Florin]
  • Don't stop plymouth at boot [Andrei]



  • Fix busybox switch_root when console=null [Andrei]
  • Make the initrams framework also parse root=LABEL= params [Florin]
  • Fix audit disable dependencies [Theodor]
  • Properly implement the ro_rootfs script [Theodor]
  • Make rootfs identical to resinhup packages [Andrei]



  • Enable by-partuuid symlinks for our DOS partition scheme also for Poky Jethro and Poky Krogoth based boards [Florin]
  • Ship with e2fsprogs-tune2fs [Michal]



  • Fix flasher detection in initramfs scripts [Andrei]
  • Fix initramfs-framework build on morty [Andrei]



  • Fix initramfs-framework for non-morty boards [Theodor]
  • Fix flasher when it might corrupt the internal device [Andrei]



  • Use stateless flasher partitions [Andrei]
  • Refactor persistent logging [Theodor]
  • Add support for RDT promote [Andrei]
  • Fix image flag files on non uboot boards [Andrei]
  • Update supervisor to v4.0.0 [Pablo]
  • Change "test -z" with "test -n" in the U-Boot MMC scanning procedure [Florin]
  • Implement MMC scanning for U-Boot [Andrei]
  • Resin-info should not be present in our production images [Theodor]
  • Implement resin-uboot based on v2.0 specification [Andrei]



  • Fix a compile error on krogoth boards [Andrei]



  • Disable audit subsystem [Theodor]
  • Run openvpn on flasher too [Andrei]
  • Add VARIANT/VARIANT_ID in os-release [Andrei]
  • Modify partitions label, define entire resinOS space used to 700MiB and other minor changes [Andrei]
  • Update supervisor to v3.0.1 [Pablo]
  • Configure an armv7ve repository for the Resin Supervisor [Michal]
  • Fix the location where to create the resinhup bundles when using poky morty [Florin]
  • Introduce debug tools package group add mkfs.ext4 in resin-image [Andrei]
  • Halve the UUID length to 16 bytes [Michal]



  • Fix sectors per track for targets smaller than 512 MB [Andrei]



  • Introduce new host OS versioning scheme [Andrei]
  • Add jethro support [Andrei]
  • Fix missing quotes when testing for IMGDEPLOYDIR [Florin]



  • Use static resolv.conf [Andrei]
  • Switch rootfs to ext4 [Andrei]
  • Adapt resinhup for poky morty migration [Florin]
  • Add support for multiple entries in INTERNAL_DEVICE_KERNEL [Andrei]
  • Fix bug with the .docker mountpoint [Theodor]
  • Remove the supervisor container in the update script [Pablo]
  • Do not remove the supervisor container in every start [Pablo]
  • Update supervisor to v3.0.0 [Pablo]



  • Add xt_set kernel module for all of our devices [Theodor]
  • Make /home/root/.docker writable [Theodor]
  • Prevent docker from thrashing the page cache using posix_fadvise [petrosagg]
  • Introduce meta-resin-morty for using meta-resin with poky morty [Florin]
  • Add resinhup machine independent support in U-Boot [Andrei]
  • Remove BTRFS support from the kernel [Michal]
  • Backport dropbear atomic hostkey generation patch [Florin]
  • Update supervisor to v2.9.0 [Pablo]
  • Rewrite prepare-openvpn (style) and make it fail on error [Michal]
  • Ensure prepare-openvpn.service starts after var-volatile.mount [Michal]



  • Fix supervisor.conf's SUPERVISOR_TAG variable [Florin]



  • Deactivate CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT to make sure we can shutdown [Andrei]



  • Add inode tuning (1 inode for 8192 bytes ) in mkfs.ext4 for the resin-data partition [Praneeth]
  • Fix missing [Manager] section for systemd watchdog setting [Florin]
  • Add missing dependency for the resin-supervisor.service [Theodor]
  • Specify the supervisor tag with a local variable [Theodor]
  • Update supervisor to v2.8.3 [Pablo]
  • Activate kernel configs for supporting iptables REJECT, MASQUERADE targets [Florin]
  • systemd: enable watchdog at 10 seconds [Florin]
  • Allow resin-init-flasher to also flash both MLO and regular u-boot at the same time [Florin]
  • Fix page size detection in go for arm64 boards [Andrei]



  • Update supervisor to v2.8.2 [Pablo]



  • Generate SUPERVISOR_REPOSITORY dynamically so no need to define it in resin-<board> anymore [Andrei]
  • Fix container name conflict when creating a docker container [petrosagg]
  • Don't compress docker binary anymore with UPX [Andrei]
  • Fix /var/lib/docker corruption after power cut [petrosagg]
  • Truncate hostname to 7 characters [Michal]
  • Fix aufs patching on non git kernel sources [Andrei]
  • Update supervisor to v2.8.1 [Pablo]



  • Update supervisor to v2.7.1 [Pablo]
  • Move supervisor.conf from /etc to /etc/resin-supervisor [Theodor]
  • Update supervisor to v2.7.0 [Pablo]
  • Add guide for new board adoption [Florin]
  • Update supervisor to v2.6.2 [Pablo]



  • Configure kernel with CONFIG_SECCOMP [Andrei]
  • Update kernel-module-headers to v0.0.7 [Lorenzo]
  • Implement persistent logging functionality [Andrei]
  • Increase the root filesystem size to 300M [Andrei]
  • Bump supervisor to 2.5.2 [Andrei]
  • Added a warning when skipping pulling the supervisor [Page]
  • Achieve read-only root filesystem [Theodor]
  • Implement aufs fetch and unpack functionality in kernel-resin.bbclass [Florin]
  • Use aufs as docker storage driver with ext4 as backing filesystem instead of btrfs [Florin]
  • Replace connman with NetworkManager [Michal]
  • Generate config.json from the build system [Theodor]
  • Add usb-modeswitch [Michal]
  • Allow hostname to be defined through config.json [Theodor]
  • Expose docker socket over TCP on development images [Andrei]
  • Integrate and configure avahi [Andrei]
  • Start using gzip archives for kernel module headers [Andrei]
  • Replace DEBUG_IMAGE with DEVELOPMENT_IMAGE [Theodor]
  • Update supervisor to v2.5.0 [Pablo]



  • Update supervisor to v2.3.0 [Pablo]



  • Update supervisor to v2.2.1 [petrosagg]



  • Update supervisor to v2.2.0 [Kostas]





  • Update supervisor to v2.1.1 [Pablo]
  • Add device-type.json file to the boot partitions of our images [Florin]
  • Enable kernel modules ip6table_nat, nf_nat_ipv6 and subset of ip_set [Florin]
  • Change openvpn to use config file from /run [Florin]
  • Change partition type of resin-conf from vfat to ext4 [Theodor]
  • Move config.json to resin-boot partition [Theodor]
  • Change resin-boot mount point from /boot to /mnt/boot [Theodor]
  • Make dropbear host key generation atomic [Michal]
  • Change the TUN device used by OpenVPN to resin-vpn to minimize conflict with user applications using tun0 [Praneeth]
  • Update supervisor to v2.1.0 [Pablo]
  • Use FHS structure in the root of resinhup packages [Andrei]



  • Backport STOPSIGNAL fix for docker [petrosagg]
  • Make Docker log to journald [Michal]





  • Provide custom splash logo for our flasher type [Theodor]
  • Update supervisor to v1.14.0 [Pablo]
  • Set the default supervisor tag in /etc/supervisor.conf to the bundled supervisor tag. [Page]
  • Update firmware: iwlwifi-7265D-10 -> iwlwifi-7265D-13 [Michal]



  • Fix plymouth output to tty1 [Theodor]
  • Use FAT16 filesystems as we do for partitions [Andrei]
  • Fix boltdb alignment issue for armv5 in docker, fixes docker 1.10.3 on armv5 devices [Lorenzo]
  • Include firmware for iwlwifi-8000C-13 - 6th generation Intel NUC [Andrei]
  • Disable DHCP server functionality from dnsmasq [Florin]
  • Update supervisor to v1.13.0 [Andrei]
  • Start dropbearkey.service at boot and don't wait for first connection [Andrei]
  • Both remove systemd-serialgetty symlinks and disable systemd-getty-generator for non-debug builds [Florin]
  • Disable ntp from connman and rely only on systemd-timesyncd with selected timeservers [Florin]



  • Various meta-resin layer tweaks [Andrei]
  • Add support for resinhup when running kernel modules operations [Andrei]
  • Update supervisor to 1.12.1 [Pablo]





  • Update resin supervisor to v1.11.6 [Florin]
  • Refactor openvpn dependencies [Florin]



  • Replace STAGING_BUILD by DEBUG_IMAGE and various refactorings [Andrei]
  • Update to latest kernel-modules-headers [Florin]



  • Implement mechanism for compressed kernel modules [Andrei]
  • Fix connman multiple IP over DHCP [Andrei]
  • Have the ability to inject custom docker images for connectable builds [Andrei]
  • Integrate resin-provisioner [Andrei]
  • Include slug and machine in os-release [Andrei]
  • Define and implement resin connectable builds [Andrei]
  • Split the registration and uuid generation, of a device, into separate packages [Theodor]
  • Sanitize target arch for x86 machines [Florin]
  • Ensure kernel build artefacts are present for kernel-modules-headers [Florin]
  • Add "set -e" to resin-init-flasher [Florin]
  • Add recipe for deploying an archive with kernel modules headers [Florin]
  • Have the ability at build time to configure the preloaded docker image in the BTRFS partition [Andrei]



  • Remove board specific bootloader handling from the flasher [Florin]
  • Provide script to inject board specific flashing procedures [Theodor]
  • Implement and document host OS new versioning scheme [Andrei]
  • Set PreferredTechnologies to "wifi,ethernet" [Florin]
  • Do not add nameserver routes in the kernel IP routing table [Florin]
  • Add support for migration to docker engine 1.10 in resinhup [Andrei]
  • Move resin-image sdcard file in the rootfs instead of the boot partition [Florin]
  • Add compression mechanism for binaries, using upx [Theodor]
  • Switch to docker 1.10.3 [Theodor]
  • Remove deprecated mmcroot from flasher init script [Andrei]
  • Deploy license.manifest [Andrei]



  • Add build information in the target rootfs [Florin]
  • Don't bind mount /etc/resolv.conf anymore [Florin]
  • Have dnsmasq listen on instead of [Florin]



  • Add resin-init-board as a runtime dependency to resin-init-flasher [Florin]



  • Execute resin-init-board from the flasher also [Florin]
  • Use realpath from coreutils-native for generating SD images [Andrei]
  • Add rsync to our image [Theodor]
  • Add p2p to NetworkInterfaceBlacklist in connman main.conf file [Florin]
  • Add dnsmasq and do changes to connman so dnsmasq is used according to our platform needs [Florin]
  • Define "rce" as a provider for the "docker" package [Florin]



  • Make resin-supervisor-disk's PV variable not contain the ':' character [Florin]
  • Workaround for "docker images" behavior - [Florin]
  • Have device registration provided by supervisor in resin-image and resin-device-register in resin-image-flasher [Andrei]
  • Include crda in resin images [Andrei]
  • Add support for hid-multitouch - available as kernel module [Andrei]
  • Simplify os-release version and add some resin specific info [Andrei]
  • Set IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE to zero as default [Florin]
  • Update layer with the ability to use jethro [Theodor]



  • Migrate repositories to github [Florin]
  • Add resinhup package for running hostOS updates [Andrei]
  • Export deltaEndpoint as DELTA_ENDPOINT [Andrei]



  • Upgrade systemd to version 216 and add volatile-binds dependency [Florin]
  • Fix racing issue on edison [Andrei]
  • Add support ts7700 [Theodor]
  • Remove obsolete pseudo patch. This patch is now in poky [Florin]
  • Remove obsolete bash patches. These patches are now in poky [Florin]
  • Ensure connman systemd service is enabled on boot [Florin]
  • Change OOM Adjust Score of RCE to -900 [Praneeth]
  • Change OOM Adjust Score of Connman to -1000 [Praneeth]
  • Change OOM Adjust Score of OpenVPN to -1000 [Praneeth]




  • Add mechanism for user loading custom splash logo. [Theodor]
  • Add splash screen for all our images. [Theodor]
  • Make connman an optional network manager [Andrei]
  • Always restart openvpn service [Andrei]
  • Include distribution information file in rootfs [Andrei]
  • Mechanism for generating resinhup-tar packages. [Andrei]
  • Implement fingerprints for resin-boot and resin-root [Andrei]
  • Explicitly configure kernel with config.gz built in support [Andrei]



  • Removed the global bblayers.conf.sample and local.conf.sample [Jon]
  • Removed the append from the BBMASK declaration in meta-resin-toradex layer.conf [Jon]
  • Fix ${S} and ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE} variables for zc702-zynq7 [Jon]
  • Make resin-supervisor.service restartable on failures [Jon]
  • Fix supervisor preloading [Andrei]

2015-10-29 - apalis-imx6 colibri-imx6

  • Added apalis-imx6 and colibri-imx6 support [Theodor]


  • Add firmware for Intel Wireless 7265 chipsets [Jon]
  • Added support for specifying the supervisor tag to include. [Page]
  • Changed flasher to shutdown instead of reboot [Jon]


  • Fix DNS issues with openvpn [Andrei]
  • Add support for booting from internal device on vab820-quad [Jon]

2015-10-28 - beaglebone cubox-i edison nitrogen6x nuc odroid-c1 odroid-ux3 parallella-hdmi-resin raspberrypi raspberrypi2 ts4900 vab820-quad zc702-zynq7

  • Update the supervisor.conf supervisor image when updating the supervisor so that switching image/registry can work. [Page]
  • Use armv7hf-supervisor for rpi2 [Page]
  • Change update-resin-supervisor.timer to run every 24 hours instead of 5 mins [Praneeth]
  • Remove any service that might start getty on the production images [Theodor]
  • Move to common code the resin-sdcard addition for flasher boards [Jon]
  • Fixed supervisor update not running new image due to invalid comment. [Andrei]
  • Change git repo used for VIA arm boards [Jon]
  • Removed resolved. [Jon]

2015-10-08 - beaglebone cubox-i edison nitrogen6x nuc odroid-c1 odroid-ux3 parallella-hdmi-resin raspberrypi raspberrypi2 vab820-quad zc702-zynq7

2015-09-29 - ts4900

  • Fix supervisor update missing dependencies [Andrei]
  • Added ts4900 support [Andrei]


  • Add support for C1+ and XU4 ODROID boards [Andrei]
  • Remove device registration in resin-image [Andrei]
  • Add support for r8188eu [Andrei]
  • Add support for Ralink RT5370 [Jon]
  • Make openvpn report connected status by creating a file [Praneeth]
  • Add support for ZC702 boards [Andrei]
  • config.json doesn't change anymore on flasher images [Andrei]
  • Add support for VIA VAB820 boards [Jon]
  • Fetch resin instance variables from config.json (eg API endpoint) [Theodor]
  • We don't load 1-wire driver at boot anymore [Andrei]
  • WiFi can now be configured from config.json - at every boot connman configuration will be redone based on config.json [Andrei]
  • Bring in support for capemgr on beaglebone black [Andrei]
  • Add firmware files for iwlwifi wireless chipsets [Jon]
  • Removed unused package management features [Andrei]
  • Add support for multiple yocto versions [Andrei]


  • Add Intel NUC support - tested on model D34010WYKH [Jon]
  • Switched supervisor caching to be package.json version + docker image id. [Page]
  • Increased supervisor update poll interval to once per day (and on reboot)
  • meta-resin switched to systemd now instead of sysvinit [Theodor]
  • Edison unification. [Theodor]
  • Moved parallella bitstreams and DTS into the image. [Theodor]
  • Added support for edison phone flash tool. [Praneeth]
  • Forcefully remove supervisor container to avoid some issues where a normal remove won't work even though the container is stopped [Page]
  • Fixed fat config partition not mounting on mac. [Theodor]
  • Cache supervisor based upon package.json version. [Theodor]
  • Updated edison BSP. [Praneeth]
  • Added hummingboard support. [Andrei]
  • Some device registration fixes. [Page]
  • Switched to fido. [Theodor]
  • Beaglebone refactor. [Andrei]


  • Stop spawning getty in production builds [Theodor]
  • Add iozone to staging build [Theodor]
  • Add support for unprotected WiFi Tethering with Connman [Praneeth]
  • Add support for Adafruit Touch Screen - Switches to using adafruits fork of fbtft [Praneeth]
  • Add support for Parallella [Theodor]


  • Fix beaglebone connman not starting [Praneeth]


  • Fix the DNS bug occurring because of docker/rce copying resolv.conf before network connectivity. [Praneeth]
  • Change Staging API url to from [Praneeth]


  • Fix resin-net-config to honour network.config and ethernet.config as per the changes in resin-image-maker. [Praneeth]
  • Add tun to NetworkInterfaceBlacklist of connman. [Praneeth]
  • Add --nodnsproxy to connmand startup in both systemd services and init scripts, This disables the internal dns proxy of connman. [Praneeth]
  • Wait for docker to terminate before calling unmount in resin-supervisor-disk [Praneeth]


  • Allowed concurrent building on the resin-supervisor recipe.
  • Fixed first boot connectivity.
  • Added a script to balance the btrfs partition on boot and every 24 hours at midnight