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Provides controllers to handle specific namespaces in Chromecast communication.
import logging
from ..error import UnsupportedNamespace, ControllerNotRegistered
class BaseController:
""" ABC for namespace controllers. """
def __init__(self, namespace, supporting_app_id=None, target_platform=False):
Initialize the controller.
namespace: the namespace this controller will act on
supporting_app_id: app to be launched if app is running with
unsupported namespace.
target_platform: set to True if you target the platform instead of
current app.
self.namespace = namespace
self.supporting_app_id = supporting_app_id
self.target_platform = target_platform
self._socket_client = None
self._message_func = None
self.logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def is_active(self):
""" True if the controller is connected to a socket client and the
Chromecast is running an app that supports this controller. """
return (
self._socket_client is not None
and self.namespace in self._socket_client.app_namespaces
def launch(self, callback_function=None):
""" If set, launches app related to the controller. """
self.supporting_app_id, callback_function=callback_function
def registered(self, socket_client):
""" Called when a controller is registered. """
self._socket_client = socket_client
if self.target_platform:
self._message_func = self._socket_client.send_platform_message
self._message_func = self._socket_client.send_app_message
def channel_connected(self):
""" Called when a channel has been openend that supports the
namespace of this controller. """
def channel_disconnected(self):
""" Called when a channel is disconnected. """
def send_message(self, data, inc_session_id=False, callback_function=None):
Send a message on this namespace to the Chromecast. Ensures app is loaded.
Will raise a NotConnected exception if not connected.
if (
not self.target_platform
and self.namespace not in self._socket_client.app_namespaces
if self.supporting_app_id is not None:
callback_function=lambda: self.send_message_nocheck(
data, inc_session_id, callback_function
raise UnsupportedNamespace(
("Namespace {} is not supported by running" "application.").format(
self.send_message_nocheck(data, inc_session_id, callback_function)
def send_message_nocheck(self, data, inc_session_id=False, callback_function=None):
"""Send a message."""
self._message_func(self.namespace, data, inc_session_id, callback_function)
# pylint: disable=unused-argument,no-self-use
def receive_message(self, message, data):
Called when a message is received that matches the namespace.
Returns boolean indicating if message was handled.
return False
def tear_down(self):
""" Called when we are shutting down. """
self._socket_client = None
self._message_func = None
def _check_registered(self):
""" Helper method to see if we are registered with a Cast object. """
if self._socket_client is None:
raise ControllerNotRegistered(
"Trying to use the controller without it being registered "
"with a Cast object."
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