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ChainyJS Talk

ChainyJS; a data pipeline for JavaScript, it's like jQuery but for data.

Why should you care?

If you interact with data, any type of data, and want to write it concisely, intuitively, nicely.

If you like jQuery's API, but don't like the bloat.

If you believe in MicroJS, but hate the fragmentation.

What qualifies me to talk about this?

Created a bunch of stuff. Full-time node since 2010.

What's the problem?

The story; geojson need.

What's the solution?

Allows you write apps that interact with data in the smallest and most intuitive way possible. Most importantly, it could change the way we write applications; solving the context issue of MicroJS.

  • Demo of the GeoJSON example.
  • How does that work? Everything is a plugin. Demo of plugins.
  • Forces you to write many tiny extensions. Forces you to combine them into more powerful things.

How to use it?

A few demos:

  • Walkthrough of the plugin
  • GeoJSON
  • Git Branch
  • Chainy CLI
  • Redis

A walkthrough of the geojson example.

What is the potential?

  • No more monolithic apps
  • Re-use of existing modules
  • No more gulp-sass, grunt-sass, brocoli-sass