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#title IMEI MEP Howto
To test MEP, you need do 3 steps:
1. Generate an unbound IMEI ([[][International Mobile Equipment Identity]])
2. Generate an unbound MEP file.
3. Bind the IMEI and MEP into the phone.
You can do all the above with Alchemy. You can get the latest version
of Alchemy (1.0.29) from
* Generate Unbound IMEI
In Alchemy, enter the following command <code>generate imei
12345678901234 c:\imei.bin</code>. See the following screen.
Run =help generate imei= to see help on =generate imei=.
The output file is saved at c:\imei.bin, you can specify other
The IMEI in this example is 12345678901234, you can change that if you
want. It must be 14 digits.
* Generate Unbound MEP
In Alchemy, Run the command <code>! generateMEP 334 020 123456 654321 3</code>.
Run the command =!= to see help on =!=, and =! generateMEP= to see help on
=generateMEP=. =generateMEP= takes 2 mandatory argument, the Mobile
Country Code (MCC) and the Mobile Network Code (MNC). In this example,
the MCC is 334, the MNC is 020. And then following 3 arguments are
optional. The =123456= is the default unlock password, the =654321= is the
default unblock password. =3= is the default trial limit.
MEP file will be saved as "MEP_FILE_0.bin" in the same folder as the
Alchemy.exe program. Please copy it to c:\mep.bin.
** Generate Multiple-MCC-MNC MEP
For e.g., to lock 3 groups of MCC/MNC combinations 310/980, 311/180,
and 310/410, you need to run the =! generateMEP= command as below:
=! generateMEP.exe 310:311:310 980:180:410=
* Bind IMEI/MEP into Phone
Make sure you have copied the unbound MEP to =c:\mep.bin=,
then run the following command in Alchemy:
=bind imei mep c:\imei.bin c:\mep.bin=
You need to wait for up to 1 minute, Alchemy will be non-responding
during this period.
* How to test MEP SIM card lock
1. See the following image. In the AT page, enter the AT command
<code>AT+CLCK="PN",2</code>, you should see a response
<code>+CLCK: 1</code>. [[../images/SS-2009.10.23-15.27.56.png]]
2. If the SIM card and MEP matches, the phone should be able to
register to the network. It should be the same behavior as if the
MEP has not been there at all.
3. If they don't match, the Subsidy Lock screen should pop up. See
the following image. Input the the password you used to generate
MEP to unlock it. The default is 123456. If you input the wrong
password too many times, another screen will popup, then you need
to input the unblock password, default 654321.
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