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NB. J profile
NB. JFE sets BINPATH_z_ and ARGV_z_
NB. add your sentences in startup.ijs
systype=. 9!:12''
jpathsep_z_=: '/'&(('\' I.@:= ])}) NB. convert to / separator
NB. create SystemFolders
bin=. install,'/bin'
addons=. '${DATA_INSTALL_PREFIX}','/addons'
system=. '${DATA_INSTALL_PREFIX}','/system'
tools=. '${DATA_INSTALL_PREFIX}','/tools'
home=. >(systype-5){(2!:5'HOME');2!:5'USERPROFILE'
userx=. '\j',('64-'#~16={:$3!:3[2),'701-user'
user=. home,userx
break=. user,'/break'
snap=. user,'/snap'
temp=. user,'/temp'
config=. user,'/config'
ids=. ;:'addons bin break config home install snap system tools temp user'
0!:0 :: ] <jpathsep '${DATA_INSTALL_PREFIX}','/profilex.ijs' NB. override
SystemFolders_j_=: ids,.jpathsep@".&.>ids
md=. 3 : 0 NB. recursive makedir
a=. jpathsep y,'/'
if. -.#1!:0 }:a do.
for_n. I. a='/' do. 1!:5 :: [ <n{.a end.
NB. try to ensure user folders exist
md user,'/projects'
md temp
md break
md config
md snap
NB. boot up J and load startup.ijs if it exists
0!:0 <jpathsep system,'/util/boot.ijs'