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# Changes log for Data::Phrasebook
0.31 31/08/2010
- added blank_args as a parameter to delimiters().
0.30 20/08/2010
- removed 5.006 dependency
- upgrade to Test::CPAN::Meta.
- added META.json
- minor code clean
- now released under the Artistic License v2.
0.29 02/03/2007
- RT#25089 - if delimiters are set via new(), the default settings no
longer reset in (Thanks to Javier Gonzalez).
0.28 01/03/2007
- Fixed META.yml typos.
- Added META.yml test script.
- Removed distribution test, as it can't handle optional 'use'
0.27 22/02/2007
- Handwritten META.yml to conform to current specs.
- Changed all instances of LICENCE to LICENSE as *apparently*, to all
non-British users of this module, this a bug! I beg to differ -
- Added an examples directory. Nothing in it yet, except a request
for interesting scripts.
- Added missing checks for debug calls
- Ensure DP::Generic::loader() returns a value.
- Ensure DP::Loader classes know their own class.
- More tests!
- Devel::Cover - 90.4%
0.26 28/09/2006
- Patch supplied from Oliver Gorwits to support the ability of passing
an array reference for the list of dictionaries.
- Fixed a bug in new, where the attributes were not getting set
correctly. (Oliver Gorwits)
- Fixed POD to remove reference to obsolete method.
- more tests
- Devel::Cover - 89.9%
0.25 21/11/2005
- Added support for multiple dictionaries.
- Finally added the Module::Pluggable::search_path functionality
(after Simon implemented my patch 9 months ago! .. I was busy m'kay)
- The query() method in SQL phrasebook class, can now support
replacement of parameters as well as binding of parameters.
(Thanks to Tielman De Villiers for the idea and the code examples)
0.24 22/09/2005
- Added sorting to keywords() for loader.
0.23 09/08/2005
- Fixed fetch/execute code in (Tielman De Villiers)
- provide support for returning the list of keywords available.
0.22 13/06/2005
- POD suggestions (Jon Allen).
- delimiters now a generic class behaviour.
- provide support for returning the list of dictionaries available
(suggested by Jon Allen).
0.21 13/05/2005
- More POD to explain Classes and Dictionaries.
- file & dictionary reloading.
- DESTROY bug fix in SQL/ (Ray Miller).
- Aligned versions, just to make life easy.
0.20 03/03/2005
- POD updates.
0.19 02/03/2005
- Removed Test::MockObject from tests. No longer needed.
0.18 01/03/2005
- Name change from Phrasebook to Data::Phrasebook.
- Loader now uses Module::Pluggable due to ease of use and the fact
that Class::MethodMaker now regularly fails on Win32.
- Removed Class::WhiteHole.
- Major documentation overhaul.
0.17 09/02/2004
- New maintainer - Barbie - as of 31 Jan 2003.
- Default loader, YAML, now a separate distribution.
- Default loader is now plain text. This was done to minimise the
required modules, and to enable the appropriate datastore for
loading to be install separately.
- dictionary/section setting now implemented as:
Phrasebook->new( dict => 'NEW' );
0.16 03/08/2003
- Fixed execution logic.
- Take the right number of arguments off the stack.
- A bit more elegant at getting the method's name.
- Query refactored a bit.
- Documentation fixed regarded some implementations.
- No tabs.
0.15 27/07/2003
- Abstracted the loader aspect.
- Changed default Plain delimiters to match TT.
- Added facility to let one change delimiters.
- Added test for above.
- One can pass an explicit class name to 'new'.
- Added the documentation.
- Set loader defaults.
- Ensure all .pm files compile well.
- Added strict and fatal warnings to everything.
- Removed unused imports.
- Cache delegations.
- Add strict+warnings.
- Fix variable name.
0.14 25/07/2003
- Added versions to everything.
- Added WhiteHole to to catch wayward methods.
0.13 25/07/2003
- Initial release.
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