Make vim suck less. A collection of configurations and plugins that turns vim in a better editor.
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Rusted & Abandoned project

This project is long abandoned, and i don't even use this on vim anymore. I use spf13-vim and Atom nowadays...


Bla bla bla

Startervim is a collection of vim scripts, plugins and configurations that provides vim with sensible defaults and a sane plugin management system using pathogen.

The included bundles at the moment are:

* Vundle
* nerdtree
* nerdcommenter
* snipmate
* tabular
* syntastic
* delimitMate
* vim-fugitive 
* syntastic 


First you need to clone startervim and it's core dependencies:

$ git clone git://
$ git submodule update --init

Ok, we recommended you to make a backup ; that will be stored at ~/.vim-backup and install:

$ make backup
$ make install

And you're done! You now may wanna edit your ~/.vimrc, ~/.vimrc-keymaps and add your own bundles and tweaks to it.

Managing plugins/bundles

Startervim uses Vundle to manage it's bundles. You can safely install/ remove bundles without using any external helper and you can maintain your scripts always updated.

You have to be aware that Vundle doesn't fetch plugins listed on the page. If you need to install a plugin from vim-scripts page, you can use this github mirror.

How do i install new bundles?

Open your vimrc and add the following line

#       repo on github or vim-scripts mirror
Bundle 'tpope/vim-fugitive'

And now run :BundleInstall inside vim.

How do i remove a bundle ?

Open your vimrc and remove the specific bundle line. Run :BundleClean, and you're done :)

What about updating my bundles ?

Just run :UpdateBundles! inside vim.


  • tpope for cleaning the mess with vim plugins (pathogen).
  • gmarik for providing a native plugin manager for vim.
  • bronsom to his incredible work on vim-scripts mirror.