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The account API is currently just for reading, not writing. Any authenticated user has access.

Get account

  • GET /account.xml returns info about the current user’s Highrise account.

This endpoint includes:

  • account id, subdomain, and name
  • plan name (max, plus, solo, etc.)
  • account owner’s user_id
  • total number of people (not companies) on the account
  • total space used in bytes
  • color theme name (see /stylesheets/color/#{name}.css)
  • whether SSL is enabled
  • creation and last-update timestamps


  <id type="integer">1</id>
  <name>Your Company</name>
  <owner-id type="integer">#{user_id of account owner}</owner-id>
  <people-count type="integer">9412</people-count>
  <storage type="integer">17374444</storage>
  <created-at type="datetime">2007-01-12T15:00:00Z</created-at>
  <updated-at type="datetime">2007-01-12T15:00:00Z</updated-at>
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