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76 lines (61 sloc) 2.79 KB is a pure python library for python 2 and 3 (2.6, 2.7, 3.3, and 3.4) that aims to provide a schemaless wrapper for interacting with sqlite databases. Much of the behavior follows how the API for pymongo works, so those familiar with that library should have a similar experience. Example::

import nosqlite

with nosqlite.Connection(':memory:') as conn:
    foo_collection = conn['foo_collection']
    foo_collection.insert({'foo': 'bar', 'baz': 'qux'})
    foo_collection.find({'foo': 'bar'})


  • Index creation is supported for single key, compound key, and even nested key.

    foo_collection.insert({'a':1, 'b':2, 'c':10})
    foo_collection.insert({'a':1, 'b':3, 'c':20})
    foo_collection.insert({'x':{'y':100}, 'z':200})
    foo_collection.create_index('a')        # single key
    foo_collection.create_index(['a','b'])  # compound key
    foo_collection.create_index('x.y')      # nested key
  • Index is actually being used in find operation. e.g. foo_collection.find({'a':1, 'b':3}) the library will put them in where clause as a subquery to search _id on index with a=1 and b=3 which result is a subset of _id on the collection, so searching on the collection will use its primary key instead of a whole table scan.

    • however, the other operations like $gt or $lt still use table scan
  • Unique index is supported and force contraint on insert, save (update).

    • You cannot create a unique index on collection with non-unique keys.
    • You cannot update a document to break uniqueness on a collection with unique index.
    • Any attempt above will raise an IntegrityError and the document will not be inserted or updated.
  • Reindex with only a subset of documents is supported.

  • Find with hint index is supported e.g. you don't have index on ('a', 'c') but already have index on 'a'.

    foo_collection.find({'a':1, 'c':20})  # use table scan
    foo_collection.find({'a':1, 'c':20},
        hint='[foo_collection{a}]'        # use index to narrow down rows with a=1


  • Result documents from find() can be sorted by any key and also nested key
    foo_collection.find({'a':1}, sort={'c':nosqlite.DESCENDING})
    foo_collection.find({'a':1}, sort={'b':nosqlite.ASCENDING,


  • Support using index on other operations.
  • Support for embedded documents and queries on those (i.e. {'': 5})

Contribution and License

Developed by Shaun Duncan and is licensed under the terms of a MIT license. Contributions are welcomed and appreciated.