Bazel Users

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Using Bazel? Feel free to add your project or company to this page.

Companies using Bazel

If your company uses Bazel, please update this wiki page with your company name, link, brief description of how you use Bazel. If possible, please tell us where you are located. We will use this information to schedule future events and meetups related to Bazel.

Ascend is a Palo Alto startup that offers solutions for large data sets analysis. Their motto is Big data is hard. We make it easy.


"Beeswax is a New York based startup that provides real time bidding as service. Bazel powers their Jenkins based continuous integration and deployment framework. Beeswax loves Bazel because it is blazingly fast, correct and well supported across many languages and platforms."


Braintree, a PayPal subsidiary, develops payment solutions for websites and applications. They use Bazel for parts of their internal build and Paul Gross even posted a nice piece about how their switch to Bazel went.


Compass is a tech-driven real estate platform. With an elite team of real estate, technology and business professionals, we aim to be the best and most trusted source for home seekers.


Databricks provides cloud-based integrated workspaces based on Apache Spark™.


Bazel was designed to be able to scale to Google's needs and meet Google's requirements of reproducibility and platform/language support. All software at Google is built using Bazel. Google uses Bazel and its rules for millions of builds every day.


InteraXon is a thought-controlled computing firm that creates hardware and software platforms to convert brainwaves into digital signals. develops SpatialOS, a distributed operating system that enables creating huge simulations inhabited by millions of complex entities.


Makani, now a Google subsidiary, develops energy kites and uses Bazel to build their software (including their embedded C++ software).

Peloton Technology

Peloton Technology is an automated vehicle technology company that tackles truck accidents and fuel use. They use Bazel to enable reliable builds for automotive safety systems.


Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. They use Bazel to build various backend services (Java/C++) and the iOS application (Objective-C/C++).


Redfin is a full-service, modern real-estate brokerage with local agents. They use Bazel to build and deploy the website and various backend services.


Stripe provides mobile payment solutions. They are the main maintainers of the Bazel Scala rules.

Open source projects using Bazel

If your project uses Bazel, please update this wiki page with your project name, link, brief description of how you use Bazel.


A Java code generator that allows you to create a builder by writing one function.


Copybara is a tool for transforming and moving code between repositories.


Dagger is a fully static, compile-time dependency injection framework for both Java and Android.

Deepmind Lab

A customisable 3D platform for agent-based AI research.

Error Prone

Catches common Java mistakes as compile-time errors. (Migration to Bazel is in progress.)


FFruit is a free & open source Android application to the popular service Falling Fruit.

Gerrit Code Review

Gerrit is a code review and project management tool for Git based projects.


Gitiles is a simple repository browser for Git repositories, built on JGit.


A language-and-platform-neutral remote procedure call system. (Bazel is a supported, although not primary, build system.)


A Java code generator that lets you write Prolog-style predicates and use them seamlessly from normal Java code.


Heron is a realtime, distributed, fault-tolerant stream processing engine from Twitter.


An elegant, formally-specified config generation language for JSON. (Bazel is a supported build system.)


An ecosystem for building tools that work with code.


Top-level domain name registry service on Google App Engine.

PetitParser for Java

Grammars for programming languages are traditionally specified statically. They are hard to compose and reuse due to ambiguities that inevitably arise. PetitParser combines ideas from scannnerless parsing, parser combinators, parsing expression grammars and packrat parsers to model grammars and parsers as objects that can be reconfigured dynamically.


An open source software library for machine intelligence.


A collection of C++/Java opensource projects with BUILD files so they can be built with Bazel with out of box support for protobuf and grpc (maybe thrift).

Turbo Santa

A platform-independent GameBoy emulator.


Project Wycheproof tests crypto libraries against known attacks.


XIOSim is a detailed user-mode microarchitectural simulator for the x86 architecture.