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"""Execute a binary.
The example below executes the binary target "//actions_run:merge" with
some arguments. The binary will be automatically built by Bazel.
The rule must declare its dependencies. To do that, we pass the target to
the attribute "_merge_tool". Since it starts with an underscore, it is private
and users cannot redefine it.
def _impl(ctx):
# The list of arguments we pass to the script.
args = [ctx.outputs.out.path] + [f.path for f in ctx.files.chunks]
# Action to call the script.
inputs = ctx.files.chunks,
outputs = [ctx.outputs.out],
arguments = args,
progress_message = "Merging into %s" % ctx.outputs.out.short_path,
executable = ctx.executable._merge_tool,
concat = rule(
implementation = _impl,
attrs = {
"chunks": attr.label_list(allow_files = True),
"out": attr.output(mandatory = True),
"_merge_tool": attr.label(
executable = True,
cfg = "host",
allow_files = True,
default = Label("//actions_run:merge"),