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Babelfish Scala client Build Status

This a Scala/JNI implementation of the Babelfish client. It uses ScalaPB for Protobuf/gRPC code generation and libuast for XPath queries.



git clone
cd client-scala
./sbt assembly

gRPC/protobuf files are re-generate from src/main/proto on every ./sbt compile and are stored under ./target/src_managed/.

The jar file and the native module are generated in the build/ directory. If you move the jar file to some other path, the native (.so or .dylib) library must be in the same path.

If the build fails because it can't find the jni.h header file, run it with:

./sbt -java-home /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64 assembly

Changing the JDK directory to the one right for your system.

Note: currently only Linux is supported, check #7 for MacOS support.

Apache Maven

The bblfsh-client package is available thorugh Maven central, so it can be easily added as a dependency in various package management systems. Examples of how to handle it for most commons systems are included below; for other systems just look at Maven central's dependency information.


Scala sbt

libraryDependencies += "org.bblfsh" % "bblfsh-client" % version


You need to install libxml2, the Java SDK and its header files. The command for Debian and derived distributions would be:

sudo apt install libxml2-dev openjdk-8 openjdk-8-jdk-headless


If you don't have a bblfsh server running you can execute it using the following command:

docker run --privileged --rm -it -p 9432:9432 --name bblfsh bblfsh/server

Please, read the getting started guide to learn more about how to use and deploy a bblfsh server.


import org.bblfsh.client.BblfshClient

val client = BblfshClient("", 9432)

val filename = "/path/to/" // client responsible for encoding it to utf-8
val fileContent = Source.fromFile(filename).getLines.mkString
val resp = client.parse(filename, fileContent)
// Full response
// Filtered response
println(client.filter(resp.uast.get, "//Import[@roleImport]"))
// Filtered responses using XPath functions returning types
// other than NodeLists (Bool, Number, String):
println(client.filterBool(resp.uast.get, "boolean(//*[@strtOffset or @endOffset])"))
println(client.filterString(resp.uast.get, "name(//*[1])"))
println(client.filterNumber(resp.uast.get, "count(//*)"))

Command line:

java -jar build/bblfsh-client-assembly-1.0.1.jar -f

or if you want to use a XPath query:

java -jar build/bblfsh-client-assembly-1.0.1.jar -f -q "//Import[@roleImport]" 

Please read the Babelfish clients guide section to learn more about babelfish clients and their query language.


Apache 2.0