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package normalizer
import (
. ""
// Native is the of list `transformer.Transformer` to apply to a native AST.
// To learn more about the Transformers and the available ones take a look to:
var Native = Transformers([][]Transformer{
// The main block of transformation rules.
AnnotateIfNoRoles("FieldList", role.Incomplete),
// RolesDedup is used to remove duplicate roles assigned by multiple
// transformation rules.
// Code is a special block of transformations that are applied at the end
// and can access original source code file. It can be used to improve or
// fix positional information.
var Code []CodeTransformer
// mapAST is a helper for describing a single AST transformation for a given node type.
func mapAST(typ string, m ObjMapping, roles ...role.Role) Mapping {
return annotateTypeCustom(typ, m, nil, roles...)
func rolesByType(typ string) role.Roles {
return typeRoles[typ]
func annotateTypeCustom(typ string, m ObjMapping, rop ArrayOp, roles ...role.Role) ObjMapping {
return AnnotateTypeCustomMap(typ, m, rolesByType, rop, roles...)
func annotateType(typ string, fields ObjMapping, roles ...role.Role) Mapping {
return annotateTypeCustom(typ, fields, nil, roles...)
func operator(field, vr string, lookup map[nodes.Value]ArrayOp, roles ...role.Role) Field {
return Field{Name: field, Op: Operator(vr, lookup, roles...)}
var _ ObjMapping = astField{}
type astField struct {
Inherit bool
Roles []role.Role
func (f astField) left() ObjectOp {
return ASTObjectLeft("Field", Obj{
"Names": EachObjectRoles("field_name"),
"Type": ObjectRoles("field_type"),
func (f astField) right() ObjectOp {
nameRoles := []role.Role{role.Name}
typeRoles := []role.Role{role.Type}
if f.Inherit {
n := len(f.Roles)
nameRoles = append(f.Roles[:n:n], nameRoles...)
typeRoles = append(f.Roles[:n:n], typeRoles...)
return ASTObjectRightCustom("Field", Obj{
"Names": EachObjectRoles("field_name", nameRoles...),
"Type": ObjectRoles("field_type", typeRoles...),
}, rolesByType, nil, f.Roles...)
func (f astField) Mapping() (src, dst Op) {
return f.ObjMapping()
func (f astField) ObjMapping() (src, dst ObjectOp) {
return f.left(), f.right()
var (
literalRoles = TokenToRolesMap(map[token.Token][]role.Role{
token.STRING: {role.String},
token.CHAR: {role.Character},
token.INT: {role.Number},
token.FLOAT: {role.Number},
token.IMAG: {role.Incomplete}, // TODO: IMAG
opRolesBinary = TokenToRolesMap(map[token.Token][]role.Role{
token.ADD: {role.Arithmetic, role.Add},
token.SUB: {role.Arithmetic, role.Substract},
token.MUL: {role.Arithmetic, role.Multiply},
token.QUO: {role.Arithmetic, role.Divide},
token.REM: {role.Arithmetic, role.Modulo},
token.XOR: {role.Bitwise, role.Xor},
token.OR: {role.Bitwise, role.Or},
token.AND: {role.Bitwise, role.And},
token.SHL: {role.Bitwise, role.LeftShift},
token.SHR: {role.Bitwise, role.RightShift},
token.AND_NOT: {role.Bitwise, role.And, role.Negative},
token.LOR: {role.Boolean, role.Or},
token.LAND: {role.Boolean, role.And},
token.EQL: {role.Relational, role.Equal},
token.NEQ: {role.Relational, role.Not, role.Equal},
token.LSS: {role.Relational, role.LessThan},
token.GTR: {role.Relational, role.GreaterThan},
token.LEQ: {role.Relational, role.LessThanOrEqual},
token.GEQ: {role.Relational, role.GreaterThanOrEqual},
opRolesUnary = TokenToRolesMap(map[token.Token][]role.Role{
token.ADD: {role.Arithmetic, role.Positive},
token.SUB: {role.Arithmetic, role.Negative},
token.MUL: {role.Dereference},
token.AND: {role.TakeAddress},
token.XOR: {role.Bitwise, role.Negative},
token.NOT: {role.Boolean, role.Negative},
token.ARROW: {role.Incomplete},
opIncDec = TokenToRolesMap(map[token.Token][]role.Role{
token.INC: {role.Increment},
token.DEC: {role.Decrement},
opAssign = TokenToRolesMap(map[token.Token][]role.Role{
token.ASSIGN: {},
token.DEFINE: {role.Declaration},
token.ADD_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Arithmetic, role.Add},
token.SUB_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Arithmetic, role.Substract},
token.MUL_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Arithmetic, role.Multiply},
token.QUO_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Arithmetic, role.Divide},
token.REM_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Arithmetic, role.Modulo},
token.OR_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Bitwise, role.Or},
token.AND_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Bitwise, role.And},
token.XOR_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Bitwise, role.Xor},
token.SHL_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Bitwise, role.LeftShift},
token.SHR_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Bitwise, role.RightShift},
token.AND_NOT_ASSIGN: {role.Operator, role.Bitwise, role.And, role.Negative},
branchRoles = TokenToRolesMap(map[token.Token][]role.Role{
token.CONTINUE: {role.Continue},
token.BREAK: {role.Break},
token.GOTO: {role.Goto},
token.FALLTHROUGH: {role.Incomplete}, // TODO: fallthrough
func goTok(tok token.Token) nodes.Value {
return nodes.String(tok.String())
func isGoTok(tok token.Token) Op {
return Is(goTok(tok))
func TokenToRolesMap(m map[token.Token][]role.Role) map[nodes.Value]ArrayOp {
out := make(map[nodes.Value]ArrayOp, len(m))
for tok, roles := range m {
out[goTok(tok)] = Roles(roles...)
return out
// Annotations is a list of individual transformations to annotate a native AST with roles.
var Annotations = []Mapping{
annotateType("File", nil, role.File),
annotateType("CommentGroup", nil, role.Comment, role.List),
mapAST("Comment", MapObj(Obj{
"Text": UncommentCLike("text"),
}, Obj{ // ->
uast.KeyToken: Var("text"),
}), role.Comment),
annotateType("BadExpr", nil, role.Incomplete),
annotateType("Ident", FieldRoles{
"Name": {Rename: uast.KeyToken},
}, role.Identifier),
annotateTypeCustom("BasicLit", MapObj(Obj{
"Value": Var("val"),
"Kind": Var("kind"),
}, Fields{ // ->
{Name: "Kind", Op: Var("kind")},
{Name: uast.KeyToken, Op: Var("val")},
}), LookupArrOpVar("kind", literalRoles),
role.Literal, role.Primitive),
annotateTypeCustom("BinaryExpr", MapObj(Obj{
"X": ObjectRoles("left"),
"Y": ObjectRoles("right"),
"Op": Var("op"),
}, JoinObj(Fields{ // ->
operator("Op", "op", opRolesBinary, role.Binary),
}, Obj{
"X": ObjectRoles("left", role.Binary, role.Left),
"Y": ObjectRoles("right", role.Binary, role.Right),
})), LookupArrOpVar("op", opRolesBinary), role.Binary),
annotateTypeCustom("UnaryExpr", MapObj(Obj{
"X": Var("x"),
"Op": Var("op"),
}, Fields{ // ->
operator("Op", "op", opRolesUnary, role.Unary),
{Name: "X", Op: Var("x")},
}), LookupArrOpVar("op", opRolesUnary), role.Unary),
annotateTypeCustom("IncDecStmt", MapObj(Obj{
"X": Var("x"),
"Tok": Var("op"),
}, Fields{ // ->
operator("Op", "op", opIncDec, role.Unary),
{Name: "X", Op: Var("x")},
}), LookupArrOpVar("op", opIncDec), role.Unary),
annotateType("BlockStmt", nil, role.Block, role.Scope),
annotateTypeCustom("AssignStmt", MapObj(Obj{
"Lhs": EachObjectRoles("left"),
"Rhs": EachObjectRoles("right"),
"Tok": Var("op"),
}, Fields{ // ->
operator("Op", "op", opAssign, role.Operator, role.Assignment, role.Binary),
{Name: "Lhs", Op: EachObjectRoles("left", role.Assignment, role.Binary, role.Left)},
{Name: "Rhs", Op: EachObjectRoles("right", role.Assignment, role.Binary, role.Right)},
}), LookupArrOpVar("op", opAssign),
role.Assignment, role.Binary),
annotateType("IfStmt", FieldRoles{
"Init": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.If, role.Initialization}},
"Cond": {Roles: role.Roles{role.If, role.Condition}},
"Body": {Roles: role.Roles{role.Then, role.Body}},
"Else": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.Else}},
}, role.If),
annotateType("SwitchStmt", FieldRoles{
"Init": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.Switch, role.Initialization}},
"Body": {Roles: role.Roles{role.Switch, role.Body}},
}, role.Switch),
annotateType("TypeSwitchStmt", FieldRoles{
"Init": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.Switch, role.Initialization}},
"Body": {Roles: role.Roles{role.Switch, role.Body}},
}, role.Switch, role.Incomplete),
annotateType("SelectStmt", ObjRoles{
"Body": {role.Switch, role.Body},
}, role.Switch, role.Incomplete),
annotateType("ForStmt", FieldRoles{
"Init": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.For, role.Initialization}},
"Cond": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.For, role.Condition}},
"Body": {Roles: role.Roles{role.For, role.Body}},
"Post": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.For, role.Update}},
}, role.For),
annotateType("RangeStmt", FieldRoles{
"Key": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.For, role.Iterator, role.Key}},
"Value": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.For, role.Iterator, role.Value}},
"X": {},
"Body": {Roles: role.Roles{role.For, role.Body}},
}, role.For, role.Iterator),
annotateTypeCustom("BranchStmt", FieldRoles{
"Tok": {Op: Var("tok")},
"Label": {},
}, LookupArrOpVar("tok", branchRoles)),
annotateType("ImportSpec", FieldRoles{
"Name": {Opt: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.Import, role.Alias}},
"Path": {Roles: role.Roles{role.Import, role.Pathname}},
}, role.Import, role.Declaration),
annotateType("ValueSpec", ObjRoles{
"Type": {role.Type},
}, role.Declaration),
annotateType("TypeSpec", ObjRoles{
"Type": {role.Type},
}, role.Declaration),
annotateType("ArrayType", ObjRoles{
"Elt": {role.Entry},
}, role.Type, role.List),
annotateType("MapType", ObjRoles{
"Key": {role.Key},
"Value": {role.Entry},
}, role.Type, role.Map),
annotateType("FuncLit", ObjRoles{
"Type": {role.Type},
"Body": {role.Body},
annotateType("StructType", FieldRoles{
"Fields": {Sub: FieldRoles{
"List": {Arr: true, Sub: astField{
Roles: role.Roles{role.Entry},
}, role.Type),
annotateType("InterfaceType", FieldRoles{
"Methods": {Sub: FieldRoles{
"List": {Arr: true,
Sub: astField{Roles: role.Roles{role.Entry}},
}, Roles: role.Roles{role.Function, role.List}},
}, role.Type, role.Incomplete),
annotateType("FuncType", FieldRoles{
"Params": {Sub: FieldRoles{
"List": {Arr: true,
Sub: astField{Roles: role.Roles{role.Argument}},
}, Roles: role.Roles{role.ArgsList}},
"Results": {Opt: true, Sub: FieldRoles{
"List": {Arr: true,
Sub: astField{Roles: role.Roles{role.Return, role.Argument}},
}, Roles: role.Roles{role.Return, role.ArgsList}},
}, role.Function, role.Type),
annotateType("FuncDecl", FieldRoles{
"Recv": {Opt: true, Sub: FieldRoles{
"List": {Arr: true, Sub: astField{
Inherit: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.Function, role.Receiver},
}, Roles: role.Roles{role.Function, role.Receiver, role.List}},
"Name": {Roles: role.Roles{role.Function, role.Name}},
"Type": {Roles: role.Roles{role.Function, role.Type}},
"Body": {Roles: role.Roles{role.Function, role.Body}},
}, role.Function, role.Declaration),
annotateType("GenDecl", FieldRoles{
"Tok": {Op: isGoTok(token.VAR)},
"Specs": {Arr: true, Sub: FieldRoles{
"Names": {Arr: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.Variable, role.Name}},
}, role.Variable, role.Declaration),
annotateType("GenDecl", FieldRoles{
"Tok": {Op: isGoTok(token.CONST)},
"Specs": {Arr: true, Sub: FieldRoles{
"Names": {Arr: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.Name}},
}, role.Incomplete, role.Declaration),
annotateType("GenDecl", FieldRoles{
"Tok": {Op: isGoTok(token.TYPE)},
"Specs": {Arr: true, Sub: FieldRoles{
"Name": {Roles: role.Roles{role.Type, role.Name}},
}, role.Type, role.Declaration),
annotateType("GenDecl", FieldRoles{
"Tok": {Op: isGoTok(token.IMPORT)},
}, role.Declaration),
annotateType("CallExpr", FieldRoles{
"Fun": {Roles: role.Roles{role.Callee}},
"Args": {Arr: true, Roles: role.Roles{role.Argument, role.Positional}},
}, role.Call),
annotateType("KeyValueExpr", ObjRoles{
"Key": {role.Key},
"Value": {role.Value},
annotateType("CaseClause", nil, role.Case),
annotateType("CommClause", nil, role.Case, role.Incomplete),
// TODO: default (length of List is zero)
annotateType("ReturnStmt", nil, role.Return),
annotateType("GoStmt", nil, role.Incomplete), // TODO: Async role
annotateType("SelectorExpr", nil, role.Incomplete), // TODO: new role
annotateType("CompositeLit", nil, role.Literal),
annotateType("ChanType", nil, role.Type, role.Incomplete),
annotateType("ExprStmt", nil),
annotateType("DeclStmt", nil),
annotateType("DeferStmt", nil, role.Incomplete),
annotateType("SendStmt", nil, role.Incomplete),
annotateType("LabeledStmt", nil),
annotateType("Ellipsis", nil),
annotateType("SliceExpr", nil),
annotateType("IndexExpr", nil),
annotateType("StarExpr", nil),
annotateType("TypeAssertExpr", nil, role.Incomplete),
annotateType("ParenExpr", nil, role.Incomplete),