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Simple Mastodon report handling moderation app.
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Modstodon is a super simple app for handling Mastodon reports! Log in, list out your instance's unresolved reports and act on any them as necessary, refresh and repeat ad infinitum.

Technical Details

Modstodon is a React Native application. Partly to push to both platforms, but mostly because I'm a lazy web developer that just needs an app to handle reports.

  • redux and react-redux is used to store and handle global app information.
  • redux-persist handles saving auth data.
  • redux-thunk is used for handling API actions in Redux.
  • react-native-paper is used for almost all of the UI.
  • react-native-htmlview is used to render HTML posts.
  • react-native-vector-icons is used for the occasional icon or two, as required by react-native-paper when you want to use icons in their components.
  • react-navigation is used to more elegantly handle routing in the app.
  • react-native-app-auth is used for handling OAuth authorization.
  • axios is used to make API requests.
  • url is used to resolve API paths and and validate instance URLs.
  • querystring is used to safely generate query string parameters.
  • moment is used for parsing out dates and displaying them in a more human-readable format.
  • prop-types is used for obvious reasons.

Other dependencies are sub-dependencies or were included with the react-native-cli toolchain.


This is currently solely maintained by me,, for myself and my mod/admin friends at Mastodon.


Got bugs or a feature request? File them as a GitHub issue and I'll address them when I can.


Want to contribute? Just use Prettier and follow best practices, and drop in a PR. I'm not exactly a professional PO/lead, but I'll do everything I can to keep the code here decently clean.

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