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Redmine Plugin: Gherkin Viewer

Renders Gherkin (Cucumber, Behat, ..) feature files from the source code-repository into the Redmine project. This acts as an automatic publishing mechanism of the "living documentation" of a project.

Behat Example Screen


Tested with Redmine 1.4


  1. Change to "vendor/plugins"
  2. Checkout code git clone git://
  3. Back to project root
  4. bundle install --without development
  5. Create a project custom variable named gherkin_features

This plugin does not need a database change!


  1. Switch to project where you want to enable this, activate Gherkinviewer.
  2. Enable "Gherkinviewer" in all user roles that should see the features.
  3. Edit Project details and change gherkin_features variable to contain a comma-seperated list of feature folders. These feature folders will be searched recursively.


  • Make HTML output nicer
  • Support multiple repositories per project


Benjamin Eberlei


Licensed under the GPL.