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Alexey Astafiev lamaster March 23, 2013:  added special section for logic-less template [d9f5954]
Raphael rafaelkyrdan February 13, 2013:  Updated Templating engines (markdown) [0040501]
Roman F wersoo November 29, 2012:  doT.js added [d807b24]
Juho Vepsäläinen bebraw August 17, 2012:  Added t.js [1a8cb81]
Juho Vepsäläinen bebraw May 28, 2012:  Added ICanHaz.js [02d634e]
Serg sbezludny May 18, 2012:  Added JsRender [a2831d7]
Juho Vepsäläinen bebraw May 10, 2012:  Added jQote2 [cc1fe3d]
Maciej Kowalski maciejkowalski May 08, 2012:  Add LinkedIn templating shootout [29724ba]
Vadim Baryshev baryshev May 05, 2012:  Adding JUST template engine [360d1b8]
Juho Vepsäläinen bebraw April 27, 2012:  Added Transparency [78e429d]
Maciej Kowalski maciejkowalski April 27, 2012:  Add Dust.js. [1faeec6]
Roland Warmerdam Rowno April 07, 2012:  Add the Javascript template editor Architect. [d184b8d]
Alexander Dimitrov adimitrov March 26, 2012:  Added eco to Templating engines. [b546cbe]
TJ Holowaychuk visionmedia March 21, 2012:  jade [3287e4e]
Roland Warmerdam Rowno February 16, 2012:  Add the EJS and Underscore.js template engines. [97a1be3]
Juho Vepsäläinen bebraw February 16, 2012:  Added a few [26fbcdf]
Juho Vepsäläinen bebraw January 26, 2011:  Added stub (just link to templating engine shootout for now) Created Templating engines (markdown) [f39d92e]
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