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A sentence segmenter that actually works!
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A sentence segmenter that actually works! Now for English, French and Italian.

The Demo is available at

The code and pre-trained models for "DeepCorrection 1: Sentence Segmentation of unpunctuated text." as explained in the medium posts at and

The pre-trained models are available at



# if you are using gpu for prediction, please see for restricting memory usage

from deepsegment import DeepSegment
# the config file can be found at in the pre-trained model zip. Change the model paths in the config file before loading. 
# Since the complete glove embeddings are not needed for predictions, "glove_path" can be left empty in config file
segmenter = DeepSegment('path_to_config')
segmenter.segment('I am Batman i live in gotham')
['I am Batman', 'i live in gotham']

To Do:

Add a sliding window for processing very long texts.

Update the seqtag model to work with tf 2.0 (Change to may be).

Update to add Indic languages.


Of all the sentence segmentation models I evaluated, without doubt deepsegment is the best in terms of accuracy in real word (bad punctuation, wrong punctuation)

I trained flair's ner model on the same data and flair has better results but, it's miniscule (0.3% absolute accuracy increase).

Since I want to keep using tf and keras for now, and since flair embeddings are not available for all the languages I want deepsegment to work on, I am going to keep using seqtag for this project.

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