Indicator applet for Ubuntu laptop users with AMD/Intel switchable graphics
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AMD Indicator

Indicator applet for AMD/Intel switchable graphics

This indicator applet allows owners of laptops with AMD/Intel hybrid graphics capabilities to easily switch between the graphics cards without the need of running CCC or terminal commands.



You have to have a few packages installed to take advantage of this indicator.

Make sure you have the AMD driver.

In case the indicator doesn't start because it is missing the python module "appindicator", again, make sure to install missing packages.

To install all needed dependencies, for example, you can enter the following command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install fglrx python-appindicator

How to install

Make the file executable and run it using sudo, entering the following commands in terminal:

chmod a+x
sudo ./

Alternatively, you might also like to use the DEB package file provided.