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BitQuery is a GitHub API driven and D3 based search engine for open source repositories.


BitQuery pursues three main objectives:

  • (I) Query the repository metadata via text mining and clustering methods, thus providing an automatic categorization system for software developers
  • (II) Establish visual data exploration and topic driven navigation of GitHub repositories for more transparency in source code management
  • (III) Promote discoverability and technology transfer for data science and project teams

The BitQuery architecture consists of three abstraction layers, following the visual analytics approach (D. Keim, 2008):

  • GitHub API based parser layer (Data Management)
  • Smart Data layer (Analysis)
  • D3-3D Visu layer, or BitQuery Visual Analytics application (VA-App) (Visualization)

Visual Analytics layouts of BitQuery include:

  • Special edition - Visual data mining of open source libraries, package networks and other well-documented data collections. The following metadata types are supported: JSON, YAML, DCF and Markdown.
  • CRAN edition - Explore and query the R universe, a comprehensive collection of R packages on GitHub including both the official CRAN packages and the developer versions.
  • GitHub edition - Explore and query GitHub organizations. At present, there are more than one million organizations on GitHub, among them Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many more.
  • HCA Multilevel Edition (Beta (but working) version for various CRAN and Organizations data sets)
  • Data Projector Edition (experimental Three.js Visualization)


First presentation of BitQuery at DSSV 2017

Presentation of BitQuery at Data Science, Statistics & Visualization Conference 2017, Lisbon, Portugal:

Citing BitQuery

If you use BitQuery in your research or use it for visualizing your repositories on GitHub, please use the following BibTeX entry.

    title = {{BitQuery: a GitHub API driven and D3 based search engine for open source repositories}},
    author = {Lukas Borke and Svetlana Bykovskaya},
    year = {2017},
    url = {},
    urldate = {2017-12-01},
    NOTE = {Available at},

If you would like to add new views with more repositories and organizations to BitQuery, please contact the creators of BitQuery: .


GitHub API driven and D3 based search engine for open source repositories




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