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by Bemi Faison

version 0.4.0 (7/13/12)


Flow is a semantic JavaScript framework, for unparalleled code organization and control. Flow is designed to reduce code complexity, redundancy, and concurrency issues, for confident web development.


  • src/ - Directory containing the source code
  • test/ - Qunit tests of minified source files
  • - This readme file
  • LICENSE - The legal terms and conditions under which this software may be used
  • flow-min.js - The Flow platform, including dependencies

Source files minified with UglifyJS


Flow requires Panzer v0.3.5.

At this time, Flow is not recommended for production.


During this alpha-stage of development, the code remains undocumented. Please review the test and source files for insights into the codebase. Thank you for your patience!

Older documentation and tutorials on Flow version 0.2.x are available on the Flow wiki.


Flow is available under the terms of the MIT-License.

Copyright 2012, Bemi Faison

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