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PHP Class to provide information about a given domain.

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PHP Class to provide information about a given domain.

Information Gathered

  • Server status (response code, if it is reachable, etc.)
  • Non-WWW support (is www. required to access the site)
  • IPv6 Support (is it reachable via next generation technology)
  • CDN Provider (do they use a content distribution network, if so what)
  • CMS (do they use a content management system, if so what)
  • Cloud Provider (are they hosted in the cloud, if so by whom)
  • Analytics Source (do they track visitors, if so how)
  • Script Library (do they use common javascript libraries)
  • HTTPs Support (is the site browsable via the secure HTTPS protocol)


can be run as: $inspector = new SiteInspector;

$inspector->domain = ''; $data = $inspector->inspect();


$data = $inspector->inspect( '' );

returns data as array

individual datapoints can be accessed as property calls e.g. $inspector->headers;


  • class-site-inspector.php - the site inspector class
  • index.php - is a simple front end for the class


Relies on WordPress for transportation layer and caching, but can easily be ported.

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