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Grav Groove Plugin

This Grav plugin creates a ticket in your Groove mailbox when the user submits a form.

Installing / Updating

You can install this plugin through the Grav Package Manager (GPM):

bin/gpm install groove

This will install the plugin into your /user/plugins directory within Grav. To update to the latest version:

bin/gpm update groove


User configuration should go in /user/config/plugins/groove.yaml. Here's a sample config file:

enabled: true
api_token: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
subject: Contact Form
  • api_token (required): Your private token from Groove.
  • to (optional): The email address of the mailbox to create tickets in. This can be overridden in the page that contains the form. If it is not set here, then it has to be set in the page.
  • subject (optional): The default subject for new tickets. This setting can also be overridden/set in a page, or be omitted entirely (Groove uses the first characters of the body as the subject when it is not specified).


Here's how you would use this plugin in a page that contains a form:

    name: contact
            name: name
            label: 'Name'
            type: text
            name: email
            label: 'Email Address'
            type: email
            name: subject
            label: 'Subject'
            type: text
            name: message
            label: 'Message'
            type: textarea
        - type: submit
          value: Submit
                    name: '{{ }}'
                    email: '{{ }}'
                subject: '{{ form.value.subject }}'
                body: '{{ form.value.message|nl2br }}'

Let's look at the parameters of the groove form action:

  • from (required): Can be a simple email address, or (as shown above) an array containing a name and an email.
  • to (optional, or required if not set in the plugin's config): The email address of the Groove mailbox to create the ticket in.
  • subject (optional): The subject line for the ticket. If omitted, the plugin's subject setting will be used.
  • body (required): The content of the ticket itself, as HTML.

Credits / Thanks

Most of the GrooveAPI class is taken from Groove-PHP-Wrapper. It would be nice to add it as a proper dependency of this plugin, but it doesn't use Composer (and until the author accepts my pull request, it doesn't include the only method of the Groove API that this plugin uses).