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This is the Clojure app that currently powers It's deployed to Heroku.

My current plan for is to create a date/time service where people can do calculations on dates, get information on holidays, etc.

There may be a storage component to it, for appointments, but it's my intent for it to be useful without any customization.

Current Features

Tells the UTC time according to the server it's running on.


Treat dates and times as resources, with subresources and breadcrumbs

  • /2012 (year) show some year facts and a list of months, as well some extra elements that may be hidden such as weeks and a yearly calendar
  • /2012/02 (month) show some month facts and calendar of days
  • /2012/02/14 (day) show the hours in the day.
  • /2012/02/04/10 this is the range 10:00-10:59, 24-hour-time.
  • /2012/02/04/16/30 this is 4:30PM on 2012-02-04

Other divisions:

  • /2012/week/10 show the week of the year according to the most common convention
  • /2012/02/04/16/30?d=90m this is from 4:30PM-6:00pm (d is for duration)

Breadcrumbs could be in a traditional date form. For example, this:

2012-02-14 09:00

instead of:

/2012 » 02 » 14 » 09 » 00

It's going to be a challenge to figure out what should be GMT and what should be local time.

There will be a lot of catching and redirecting going on. For instance /2012/02/14/3pm could redirect to /2012/02/14. Also colons which normally could redirect to.

If it's found useful, ranges could be proposed when going to minutes that are multipliers of 30 or multipliers of 15. For instance /2012/02/14/03/15 could suggest 2012/02/14/03/15?d=15. Or maybe there would be links to 30-minute and 60-minute duration versions on every minute page.

'nix-like tools

There should be a way to get simple, unix-y output. For instance /2012/cal could show output similar to cal -y.


I'm interested in having a nice API for it.


While I want this to be useful without adding events or setting up email for alerts, I'm interested in adding this.


date-service is relased under the MIT License.