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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" Build related subcommands for HLSCLT.
Copyright (c) 2017 Ben Marshall
### Imports ###
import click
import os
import subprocess
from hlsclt.helper_funcs import find_solution_num
from hlsclt.report_commands.report_commands import open_report
import shutil
### Supporting Functions ###
# Function to generate the 'pre-amble' within the HLS Tcl build script.
def do_start_build_stuff(ctx):
config = ctx.obj.config
solution_num = ctx.obj.solution_num
file = click.open_file("run_hls.tcl","w")
file.write("open_project " + config["project_name"] + "\n")
file.write("set_top " + config["top_level_function_name"] + "\n")
if config.get("cflags","") != "":
cf = " -cflags \"%s\"" % config["cflags"]
cf = ""
for src_file in config["src_files"]:
file.write("add_files " + config["src_dir_name"] + "/" + src_file + cf + "\n")
for tb_file in config["tb_files"]:
file.write("add_files -tb " + config["tb_dir_name"] + "/" + tb_file + "\n")
if ctx.params['keep']:
file.write("open_solution -reset \"solution" + str(solution_num) + "\"" + "\n")
file.write("open_solution \"solution" + str(solution_num) + "\"" + "\n")
file.write("set_part " + config["part_name"] + "\n")
file.write("create_clock -period " + config["clock_period"] + " -name default" + "\n")
return file
except (OSError, IOError):
click.echo("Woah! Couldn't create a Tcl run file in the current folder!")
raise click.Abort()
# Function to write a default build into the HLS Tcl build script.
def do_default_build(ctx):
config = ctx.obj.config
file = ctx.obj.file
file.write("csim_design -clean" + (" -compiler clang" if config.get("compiler","") == "clang" else "") + " \n")
file.write("csynth_design" + "\n")
file.write("cosim_design -O -rtl " + config["language"] + "\n")
file.write("export_design -format ip_catalog" + "\n")
file.write("export_design -format sysgen" + "\n")
# Function which defines the main actions of the 'csim' command.
def do_csim_stuff(ctx):
file = ctx.obj.file
config = ctx.obj.config
file.write("csim_design -clean" + (" -compiler clang" if config.get("compiler","") == "clang" else "") + "\n")
# Function which defines the main actions of the 'syn' command.
def do_syn_stuff(ctx):
file = ctx.obj.file
file.write("csynth_design" + "\n")
# Function to perform a search for existing c synthesis results in a specified hls project and solution.
def check_for_syn_results(proj_name, solution_num, top_level_function_name):
return_val = False
with click.open_file(proj_name + "/solution" + str(solution_num) + "/syn/report/" + top_level_function_name + "_csynth.rpt"):
return_val = True
except (OSError, IOError):
return return_val
# Function to check is C synthesis is going to be required but may have been forgorgotten by the user.
def syn_lookahead_check(ctx):
config = ctx.obj.config
solution_num = ctx.obj.solution_num
file = ctx.obj.file
if (not ctx.obj.syn_command_present) and (not check_for_syn_results(config["project_name"], solution_num, config["top_level_function_name"])):
if click.confirm("C Synthesis has not yet been run but is required for the process(es) you have selected.\nWould you like to add it to this run?", default=True):
click.echo("Adding csynth option.")
file.write("csynth_design" + "\n")
click.echo("Ok, watch out for missing synthesis errors!")
# Function which defines the main actions of the 'cosim' command.
def do_cosim_stuff(ctx,debug):
config = ctx.obj.config
file = ctx.obj.file
if debug:
file.write("cosim_design -rtl " + config["language"] + " -trace_level all" + "\n")
file.write("cosim_design -O -rtl " + config["language"] + "\n")
# Function which defines the main actions of the 'export' command.
def do_export_stuff(ctx,type,evaluate):
config = ctx.obj.config
file = ctx.obj.file
if evaluate:
if "ip" in type:
file.write("export_design -format ip_catalog -evaluate " + config["language"] + "\n")
if "sysgen" in type:
file.write("export_design -format sysgen -evaluate " + config["language"] + "\n")
if "ip" in type:
file.write("export_design -format ip_catalog" + "\n")
if "sysgen" in type:
file.write("export_design -format sysgen" + "\n")
# Function which defines the actions that occur after a HLS build.
def do_end_build_stuff(ctx,sub_command_returns,report):
# Copy the src/ files as well as the config file to keep track of the changes over solutions
config = ctx.obj.config
solution_num = ctx.obj.solution_num
click.echo("Copying the source and config files to solution"+str(solution_num))
destiny = config["project_name"] + "/solution" + str(solution_num)
destiny_src = destiny + "/src"
destiny_config = destiny + "/"
# If we are overwriting an existing solution delete the source directory first.
if ctx.params['keep'] == 0:
shutil.rmtree(destiny_src, ignore_errors=True)
shutil.copytree("src", destiny_src)
shutil.copyfile("", destiny_config)
# Check for reporting flag
if report:
if not sub_command_returns:
# Must be on the default run, add all stages manually
sub_command_returns = ['csim','syn','cosim','export']
for report in sub_command_returns:
### Click Command Definitions ###
# Build group entry point, invoke_without_command=True, short_help='Run HLS build stages.')
@click.option('-k','--keep', is_flag=True, help='Preserves existing solutions and creates a new one.')
@click.option('-r','--report', is_flag=True, help='Open build reports when finished.')
def build(ctx,keep,report):
"""Runs the Vivado HLS tool and executes the specified build stages."""
ctx.obj.solution_num = find_solution_num(ctx)
ctx.obj.file = do_start_build_stuff(ctx)
# Callback which executes when all specified build subcommands have been finished.
def build_end_callback(ctx,sub_command_returns,keep,report):
# Catch the case where no subcommands have been issued and offer a default build
if not sub_command_returns:
if click.confirm("No build stages specified, would you like to run a default sequence using all the build stages?", abort=True):
ctx.obj.file.write("exit" + "\n")
# Call the Vivado HLS process
returncode =["vivado_hls -f run_hls.tcl"],shell=True)
# Check return status of the HLS process.
if returncode < 0:
raise click.Abort()
elif returncode > 0:
click.echo("Warning: HLS Process returned an error, skipping report opening!")
raise click.Abort()
# csim subcommand
def csim(ctx):
"""Runs the Vivado HLS C simulation stage."""
return 'csim'
# syn subcommand
def syn(ctx):
"""Runs the Vivado HLS C synthesis stage."""
ctx.obj.syn_command_present = True
return 'syn'
# cosim subcommand
@click.option('-d', '--debug', is_flag=True, help='Turns off compile optimisations and enables logging for cosim.')
def cosim(ctx,debug):
"""Runs the Vivado HLS cosimulation stage."""
return 'cosim'
# export subcommand
@click.option('-t', '--type', required=True, multiple=True, type=click.Choice(['ip','sysgen']), help='Specify an export type, Vivado IP Catalog or System Generator. Accepts multiple occurences.')
@click.option('-e', '--evaluate', is_flag=True, help='Runs Vivado synthesis and place and route for the generated export.')
def export(ctx, type, evaluate):
"""Runs the Vivado HLS export stage."""
return 'export'
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