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Beyond (unreleased)
* add proper support for file uploads wherever possible. #lack-of-maturity
# I think adding an upload method to the controllers would work.
* do a better job of simulating requests in squatting -C
* BUG: POST -> perlbal -> thttpd -> Squatting::On::CGI == FAIL
Strangely enough, GET is fine.
Take perlbal out of the setup and everything is fine.
* implement Squatting::On::Jifty
* implement Squatting::On::Squatting
* move mount method out of the core and into Squatting::With::Mount
* use Rhetoric and Pod::Server as examples of how to document a Squatting app.
* OLD: in Squatting::Controller's POD, teach people how to document controllers.
* OLD: in Squatting::View's POD, teach people how to document views.
* Make bin/squatting use Plack::Runner
* Things that would make Squatting easier to get started with:
- an app generator (using Module::Setup?)
- PSGI support by default
* Replace Shell::Perl with something based on Eval::WithLexicals.
0.82 2013-08-11
- Squatting::With::PerHostConfig was removed, because I realized
that it couldn't work the way I wanted it, too. By the time
it modified %CONFIG, it would be too late to affect the response
in a meaningful way.
- Small patch from Duncan Garland to remove warnings issued by perl 5.14
0.81 2011-04-27
- Slight improvements to Squatting::With::MockRequest were made
to facilitate doing static exports of Rhetoric sites.
0.80 2011-04-27
- You don't say: use base 'Squatting' anymore.
- When creating a Squatting app,
you just say: use Squatting;
- You don't say: use Squatting ':controllers' or
use Squatting ':views' anymore
- use Squatting takes care of what those statements used to do.
- Squatting::H->merge renamed to Squatting::H->extend to
be consistent w/ the way these words are used in contemporary
Javascript libraries.
- Added Squatting::With::PerHostConfig
- hacked bin/squatting so that the console experience is a bit nicer.
App->get and App->post will work a tiny bit more reliably.
0.70 2009-08-27
- reimplemented Squatting::With::Log using Squatting::H
- added Squatting::H->bless (breaking all the rules ;)
- changed Squatting::Mapper semantics
- $controller->{queue} has been deprecated in favor of
- Squatting::Mapper now dispatches on
$sid + $controller + $path
(in that order)
- It used to just be $sid + $controller,
but when people start opening multiple tabs,
that wasn't enough. It was necessary to be
able to distinguish between the different tabs,
and putting something random at the end of a path
was one way to do that, so it's now the default.
- updated L<Squatting::Cookbook/The Anatomy of a Squatting Application>
0.60 2009-04-21
- More documentation updates and corrections.
- Fixed URL for Tenjin in Squatting::Cookbook.
- Implemented Squatting::With::Log
- added --module parameter to bin/squatting
- added default in-memory session to Squatting::On::Continuity
- removed bin/vw from distribution, because it will be
distributed with App::VW from now on.
- worked around a weird bug where
Squatting::On::Catalyst + FastCGI
was using the wrong path.
- added support for nested %CONFIG vars in bin/squatting
- resurrected Squatting::H
- implemented Squatting::With::Coro::Debug
- implemented Squatting::On::MP13
- implemented Squatting::On::MP20
- More documentation updates and corrections
- Massive updates to Squatting::Cookbook
- implemented Squatting::On::CGI
- implemented OpenID::Consumer example
- More documentation updates and corrections.
- Moved last if-block in service to Squatting::On::Continuity
- Moved controller log into Squatting::With::AccessTrace
- Allow more HTTP methods when using Squatting::On::Continuity
- Started documenting Continuity's special powers.
- Revised the documentation a bit.
- Made squatting --help have a higher precedence.
- Fixed a few documentation errors.
- Minimized namespace pollution from Squatting::On::* plugins.
- Fixed Squatting <=> Catalyst cookie mapping.
- Removed $Squatting::app and became both mod_perl compatible and embeddable.
- Added unit tests for Squatting::Controller and Squatting::View
- Allow views to have access to outgoing HTTP headers.
- Fixed yet another obscure cookie bug.
- Learned that the attribute handler in Squatting::Q must be invoked
during the INIT phase rather than the earlier CHECK phase, because
the coderef's address during the CHECK phase may not be final.
(Trivia: coderef's that close over variables outside their own
lexical scope get changed sometime after the CHECK phase.)
- Unfortunately, even that's not good enough.
Squatting::Q has been removed, because Attribute::Handlers
can't be made to work for this purpose. (RIP Squatting::Q July 4, 2008)
- Implemented Squatting::On::Catalyst.
- Implemented Squatting::On::Continuity.
- We're using Class::C3::Componentised to load extensions like
those found in Squatting::On::*.
- Added sample application, Chat.
- Added sample application, UniCodePoints.
- Fixed a bug in the cookie parsing code.
- In view objects, $self->{template} is the name of the current template.
- $controller->set_cookies renamed to $controller->cookies
- $controller->cookies now handles both incoming and outgoing cookies
- made $controller->headers and $controller->cgi_cookies lvalue subs, too.
- lots of documentation added
- Fixed the URL to Io's web site
- Initial Release