Structured SVM with probably submodular constraints
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Structured SVM with probably submodular constraints.


For use, please cite:

Berman, Maxim, & Blaschko, Matthew B. (2016, December). Efficient optimization for probably submodular constraints in CRFs. In Proceedings of the NIPS workshop on constructive machine learning.

See also prior reference on the probably submodular framework

Zaremba, Wojciech, & Blaschko, Matthew B. (2016, March). Discriminative training of CRF models with probably submodular constraints. In 2016 IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV). IEEE.

The package relies on PyStruct

Müller, Andreas C., and Sven Behnke. "PyStruct: learning structured prediction in python." Journal of Machine Learning Research 15.1 (2014): 2055-2060.


  • Create environment and install requirements

    conda create --name probsubenv python=2.7 numpy cvxopt scikit-image
    conda install -c opencv
    source activate probsubenv
    pip install git+

    Note As indicated pystruct has to be fetched from the weightedloss branch of my fork of pystruct.

  • install opengm with Python and graph-cuts extensions and and make the python module available in the environment (for graph-cut inference)


  • constains one-slack SSVM learner class for pystruct with additional hard constraints <w, a> >= b, either specified or generated with learner.generate_hard_constraints
  • provides an interface to learners with probably submodular constraints, provided by

Project webpage

Additional information can be found on the project webpage