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Best of JS gathers the latest trends about open source projects related to Node.js and the web platform: JavaScript of course (client and server side) but also HTML, CSS, and languages that compile to JavaScript.

This is a place where front-end engineers and Node.js developers can find the best components to build amazing web applications.


Projects are carefully classified under tags such as:

  • UI frameworks: solutions to build front-end applications that run in the browser: React, Vue.js, Angular...
  • Node.js framework: solutions to build server-side applications with Node.js: Express, Nest, Fastify...
  • Testing: testing frameworks and tools: Jest, Mocha, Cypress...
  • Charting: data visualization and chart libraries: D3, ChartJS, ECharts...
  • And many more!


If you find an interesting project to add, you can suggest it by creating an issue here.

You can sign-in with your GitHub account to bookmark the projects you want to follow closely.

How it works

We maintain a list of interesting projects related to Node.js and the web platform in a database.

Everyday a scheduled task checks project data from GitHub and generates data consumed by the web application. Basically Best of JS tracks the number of stars of a curated list of about 2000 projects.

The web application displays the variations over the last days, weeks and months in order to show the trends about the JavaScript landscape.


This repository contains Best of JS front-end application code.

The application is a single-page application built with Vite and hosted on Vercel.

Requirement: Node.js version 16

To run it locally:

npm install
npm start

Unit tests:

npm test

Special thanks to Hung Viet Nguyen who set up the application with Vite to provide a great Developer eXperience!

Show your support!

If you find Best of JS useful, show your appreciation by starring the project or becoming a sponsor:


Become a backer

Thank you and don't forget: we are all made of stars star!