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Best of JavaScript gathers the latest trends about open source projects related to node.js and the web platform: JavaScript of course (client and server side) but also HTML, CSS...

This is a place where front-end engineers and node.js developers can find the best components to build amazing web applications.


Projects are classified using tags such as:

  • UI Frameworks: The best frameworks to build web applications that run in the browser: Angular, React, Vue...
  • React: The React eco-system
  • Testing: The best testing tools: Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, AVA...
  • CSS toolkits: Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Foundation...
  • Charting: Data visualization and chart libraries: D3, ChartJS, echarts...
  • And many more!


Users can sign-in with their GitHub account and contribute to the project by:

  • Adding "Reviews" to projects (by rating projects from 1 to 5 )
  • Adding "Links" (blog entries, tutorials, videos...) related to projects

Anyone can contribute!

The JavaScript Hall of Fame

A Hall of Fame has been created to gather the most amazing people of the community: developers, authors, speakers, mentors...

Click here to visit the Hall of fame!

How it works

We maintain a list of projects related to the web platform (JavaScript, HTML and CSS) in a database.

Every time we find a new project, or anytime a user submit a new request, we add it to the database.

Everyday a scheduled task checks project data from GitHub, for every project stored and generates data consumed by the web application.

The web application displays the total number of stars and their variation over the last days, weeks and months.


This repository contains Best of JavaScript front-end application code, a single-page application built with the following technologies:

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