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RTx::WorkflowBuilder is a tool for configuring approval workflow in RT.
Best Practical sells support and customization for RT. Feel free to
contact us at if you have any questions about
our service offerings.
Installation instructions:
1) Install RT 3.8.2 or newer.
2) Once RT appears to be happily installed, cd into the directory
where you unpacked RTx::WorkflowBuilder.
3) perl Makefile.PL
4) make install
Further reading:
perldoc bin/rt-workflow - quick overview and configuration
If you would like to run RTx::WorkflowBuilder's tests, you need to
set a few environment variables
RT_DBA_USER - a user who can create a database on your
RDBMS (such as root on mysql)
RT_DBA_PASSWORD - the password for RT_DBA_USER
PERL5LIB - the path to your RT libraries (/opt/rt3/lib)
RT_DBA_USER=user RT_DBA_PASSWORD=password PERL5LIB=/opt/rt3/lib make test
These are intended to be run before installing RTx::WorkflowBuilder.
Like RT, RTx::WorkflowBuilder expects to be able to create a new
database called rt3test on your system.
Bug reporting and discussion lists:
You probably want to discuss RTx::WorkflowBuilder on (Send mail to to subscribe)
Bug reports can be sent to
You can look at open bug reports at
Log in as guest/guest to see the content of bug reports.
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