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v3.2.0 2018 December 7

v3.1.1 2018 September 3

v3.1.0 2018 August 16

v3.0.0 2018 July 13

v2.5.0 2016 May 14

  • No code changes in this release, just updated packaging
  • Now uses Editions instead of ESNextGuardian
  • Update dependencies

v2.4.0 2015 December 9

  • Dropped Node 0.10 support, minimum node version supported is now 0.12
  • Updated dependencies

v2.3.0 2015 September 5

  • Moved from CoffeeScript to ES6+
  • Removed cyclic.js as it should no longer be needed

v2.2.0 2013 May 7

  • We no longer send the completion callback to functions executing synchronously
  • We now support optional arguments for functions executing asynchronously

v2.1.6 2013 November 1

  • Dropped and bower support, just use ender or browserify

v2.1.5 2013 October 27

  • Re-packaged

v2.1.4 2013 September 18

  • Fixed cyclic dependency problem on windows (since v2.1.3)
  • Added bower support

v2.1.3 2013 September 18

  • Attempt at fixing circular dependency infinite loop (since v2.1.2)

v2.1.2 2013 September 18

  • Added support

v2.1.1 2013 August 19

  • Republish with older verson of joe dev dependency to try and stop cyclic errors

v2.1.0 2013 August 19

  • will now always return null for consistency
  • as return values are only possible with synchronous methods
  • will now ignore returned errors on asynchronous functions
  • asynchronous errors must now give the error via the completion callback
  • this is to avoid the possibility of the completion callback being called twice (once for the returned error via ambi, once via your application)
  • will now ignore thown errors
  • this was determined to be outside the scope of ambi, if you want this functionality use the more full featured taskgroup package

v2.0.0 2013 March 27