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The TaliaBee box is an easy-to-use I/O controller based on Raspberry Pi and MedIOEx. This project contains the application layer of the TaliaBee box.

Table of contents


Visit our online demo box to try TaliaBee.



TaliaBee supports Raspbian Buster. First, install Raspbian GNU/Linux. Then login as pi user and run the following commands:

sudo bash

TaliaBee is ready to go now.


Web user interface

TaliaBee provides an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly web user interface.

TaliaBee web interface

Please see the GUI documentation for common usages.

Application programming interface

TaliaBee provides an API for developers. The developers can monitor and control TaliaBee's I/O through API using their favorite programming languages. Therefore, you don't need to know a specific programming language to use TaliaBee. You can communicate through API even without writing any code.

Using curl to set the relay output #14

curl -s ""

Please see the API documentation for common usages.

Python interface

TaliaBee provides a Python interface for Pythonistas too. Python TaliaBeeIO Module can be used to monitor and to control the I/O pins of the TaliaBee box through API.

>>> from taliabeeio import TaliaBeeIO
>>> io = TaliaBeeIO()
>>> # read from the analog input 3
>>> print(io.ai3)
>>> # write to the analog output 4
>>> io.ao4 = 250
>>> # set the relay output 13
>>> io.ro13 = True
>>> # read the temperature
>>> print(io.temperature)

Please see Python TaliaBeeIO Module project page for common usages.


@TaliaBeeIO on Twitter