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A project to create and display dynamic and interactive NFTs very easily in your browser.

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  1. sandbox sandbox Public

    Sandbox for loading and safely running Interactive NFTs.

    HTML 79 9

  2. embeddable embeddable Public

    Embeddable ES module to Easily embed NFTs in any website.

    JavaScript 31 9

  3. starter-site starter-site Public

    Starter project to play with Interactive NFTs in a small website (creation and listing of NFTs)

    JavaScript 18 14

  4. template-p5js template-p5js Public

    Template for ZIP Archives of NFTs based on p5js

    JavaScript 3 1

  5. template-threejs template-threejs Public

    Template for ZIP Archives of NFTs using threejs

    JavaScript 3 2

  6. template-html template-html Public

    Template for ZIP Archives of NFTs made out of vanilla js

    HTML 2 3


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