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BigClown Firmware SDK (Software Development Kit)
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BigClown Firmware SDK

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This repository contains firmware SDK for:

  • BigClown Core Module
  • BigClown USB Dongle
  • BigClown Cloony


Firmware SDK for Core Module is implemented in C (ISO C99) language. It is the core foundation of all the firmware repositories and device projects.

In short it is a set of libraries and APIs which simplify embedded firmware development workflow.

All the drivers provide high-level abstraction of the underlying hardware and follow event-driven approach.

The whole library is documented using Doxygen and automatically generated at with every commit/merge to master branch using Travis CI.

Firmware SDK also comes with Makefile recipe to build the firmware projects.

This repository is best integrated within each firmware project as a Git submodule so it is easy to update it to the most recent version and at the same time keep the know-to-work version of the firmware locked to the specific commit of the SDK.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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