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Relatable Design

  • Need to load files, relative to current file if possible.
  • Maybe .sql is overloaded to become a function (oh, that's bad).
  • Maybe .sql is overloaded to load as resource, which is not bad, it simply returns a single string which is the SQL, or an object then, that select knows what to do with.

Tree Select

Currently, the joins that ought to form trees are specified as subsequent queries in the same file. I'm using a perversion of SQL, an on statement applied to the table in the from clause, to join against the previous table. As time goes by, and the parser gets more robust, I can extend this.

I want to make the tree construction nested, which is currently not possible. Nesting tree construction means making the subsequent selects sub-selects in the SELECT clause.


Ultimately, I can see how Relatable becomes like Stencil, canvas draped over a scaffolding. I'd like to create a directory to serve off the filesystem, giving people a way to pre and post process the query, but it is mainly a query.

There would be include mechanisms, so you can describe a complicated select clause, then use it as a view.

As Service

It really ought to be not that much different from Stencil, pulling in JavaScript to express complex concepts, perhaps filtering the output, the crux is an SQL statement, a large select statement. That is what defines the script. The scaffolding tidies parameters, possibly cleanups up the output.

SQL Injection

It is difficult to do anything with SQL without someone saying in a tone that is vewy sewious that you shouldn't do anything like that because SQL injection. I'm going to have to have a dismissive response to that, that I'm not really programming for people who can't program.


The escape character is $ plus our little on sub-select hack and that is the extent of the language. It doesn't need to be more.


Also, it is the case that you don't want to have queries and data entry be two sides of the same coin. That doesn't mean that the data entry cannot also have a higher level language, an object mapping language, shudder.


  • Because relatable demands that you paginate your responses, because of this, you're able to devise a straight-forward caching solution, if you want to.
  • Probably move most of engine.js into relatable.js.