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Revision history for Perl extension SMS::AQL.
1.01 2015-03-20
- Declare HTTP::Message as a pre-req (thanks to pink-mist, GH-2)
1.00 2012-12-15
- Example script eg/send-sms added (useful for other programs to call, I use
this from procmail to alert me when specific emails come in).
0.08 2008-03-18
Support for voice push messages (strictly speaking this ought to be in
a seperate module as it's not an SMS-related feature, but it makes sense
to group with here I think. If I ever do seperate it, I'll probably go
for Net::AQL::SMS and Net::AQL::Voice, and have them use Net::AQL::Common
for shared implementation.)
0.07 2008-01-14
Minor changes to boost Kwalitee score on - mostly updated
META.yml (and also adding LWP::UserAgent as a pre-req in Makefile.PL)
0.06 2007-08-22
Changes to make SMS::AQL work under prehistoric perl 5.005
0.05 2007-08-14
Added support for connecting via a proxy - simply supply the proxy URL in
the options hashref when instantiating the object:
my $sms = new SMS::AQL({
username => 'user',
password => 'pass',
options => {
proxy => 'http://user:pass@host:port/',
0.04 2007-07-16
New release incorporating several improvements kindly submitted by
Ton Voon at Altinity ( - thanks Ton! There's
numerous documentation improvements, better parsing of server responses,
and a new test script using Test::MockObject to exercise the module
code without actually interacting with the AQL servers or sending
messages. Nice work Ton, thanks for your contribution!
0.03 2007-06-26
Previous versions had use 5.008007 in the Makefile, where I forgot to
change it. There's nothing funky in this module that should require
5.8.7, 5.8.0 should be good enough. Thanks to Nicola W for pointing
this out.
Also added new credit() method to return the number of message credits
available on the account.
0.02 2007-01-04
Fix stupid, stupid bug #24201 - don't remove servers from the list of
servers, unless we fail to send a message. Previously, each instance
of SMS::AQL could only send 4 messages in a row before starting to fail.
Obviously, passed all tests, only showed up in real usage. Wibble.
Also some minor style problems cleared up.
Important: constructor now takes a hashref of params to provide for
future expansion needs.
0.01 2006-08-10
development starts... pre-alpha version started life as Net::AQSMS::Send,
name SMS::AQL was then agreed after brief discussion with
guys, Brian in particular - thanks for your input Brian.
Initial version is quite limited, but tested and works well for me.
Not tested with non-UK destination numbers.
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