A py.test plugin for adding to the PYTHONPATH from pytest.ini.
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This is a py.test plugin for adding to the PYTHONPATH from the pytests.ini file before tests run.


Install with pip::

pip install pytest-pythonpath

Uninstall with pip::

pip uninstall pytest-pythonpath


Add a line in your pytest.ini file with a key of python_paths and provide a space seperated list of paths you want inserted to the beginning of the PYTHONPATH before any tests run:

python_paths = your/path/apps your/path/libs

If you'd like to have .pth files be processed too, use site_dirs instead:

site_dirs = your/path/apps your/path/libs

This will cause the addsitedir function to be called on each path instead of a simple sys.path.insert(0, path). Note that using the site_dirs will not place your specified paths in front of existing paths.

Once this is added to your pytest.ini, you can use the py.test command as you normally would.