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Sibelia 3.0.7

Release date: 2th June 2017


  • Ilya Minkin (St. Petersburg Academic University)
  • Nikolay Vyahhi (St. Petersburg Academic University)
  • Mikhail Kolmogorov (St. Petersburg Academic University)
  • Ekaterina Starostina (St. Petersburg Academic University)
  • Son Pham (University of California, San Diego)


This package contains two programs:

  • Sibelia -- "Sibelia" is a tool for finding synteny blocks in closely related genomes, like different strains of the same bacterial species. It takes a set of FASTA files with genomes and locates coordinates of the synteny blocks in these sequences. It also represents genomes as permutations of the blocks.

  • C-Sibelia -- This tool is designed for comparison between two genomes represented either in finished form or as sets of contigs. It is able to detect SNPs/SNVs and indels of different scales. "C-Sibelia" works by locating synteny blocks between the input genomes and aligning different copies of a block. It considers only unique blocks, i.e. blocks having one copy in reference and one copy in another genome. It is also possible to get the alignments itself, in this case you will get the alignments of repeats within genomes as well.

It also contains a script for annotation of variants found by "C-Sibelia" using the "snpEff" tool.

Note that Sibelia does not support inputs larger than 1 GB. Please use SibeliaZ and maf2synteny to align and construct blocks for longer genomes.


See file.


See for "Sibelia", for "C-Sibelia" and "" for the annotation script.

System requirements

This version of "C-Sibelia" supports only "Unix"-like operating systems, but "Sibelia" runs fine on "Windows". To use "C-Sibelia", "Windows" users may use a virtual machine or try our web server:

"Windows" support will be retained soon in the future releases. Binary releases for "Windows" contain only "Sibelia" binaries.

"C-Sibelia" requires "Python" and "Perl" to be istalled in your system. Please note that "C-Sibelia" runs only under "Python2" of version at least 2.7. The annotation script requires "Java" runtime.


If you use "Sibelia" in your research, please cite:

Ilia Minkin, Anand Patel, Mikhail Kolmogorov, Nikolay Vyahhi, and Son Pham. "Sibelia: a scalable and comprehensive synteny block generation tool for closely related microbial genomes." In Algorithms in Bioinformatics, pp. 215-229. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013.


"Sibelia" is distributed under GNU GPL v2 license, see LICENSE.

It also uses third-party librarires and programs:


E-mail your feedback at

You also can report bugs or suggest features using issue tracker at GitHub