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btcdrak commented Jan 18, 2016

If you would like to show your support for Bitcoin Core on, please add your name and company and position if applicable in a comment below. If support is from the company as a whole please make that clear.

For discussion, please visit the Bitcoin Core Slack group rather than this ticket. To sign up, visit here.


Daniel Cousens, lead developer for bitcoinjs (individual)
EI8HT as a company.

Also separately.


Eric Lombrozo (as an individual)
Ciphrex (as a company)
Show them separatelly.


Lawrence Nahum (as an individual)
GreenAddress (as a company)
Show them separatelly


Ooh, Core wants us to show some Proof of Love in those barbaric days. ;)

Nicolas Dorier, lead developer for NBitcoin (as individual)
Metaco (as a company)


Jonas Schnelli (As individual core developer)
Digital Bitbox (as company)
libbtc (Library)


Johnathan Corgan (individual contributor to Core)
Corgan Labs (company)

adam3us commented Jan 18, 2016

Adam Back (individual)

harding commented Jan 18, 2016

David Harding (individual contributor to documentation about Bitcoin Core)


James Hilliard (individual)


Pierre Rochard (individual)


I don't understand the purpose of this. Is it going to be posted somewhere to prove a point? I'm all for shows of support, but to what end does this aim for? For disclosure I have not pledged support (nor OpenBazaar/OB1) anywhere officially, but I'm asking for clarification.

It might be more effective to make a statement regarding increased collaboration and communication and that is something for which I and probably many others could get behind rather than support for status quo.

mbmott commented Jan 18, 2016

Mike Mott (individual)

btchip commented Jan 18, 2016

Nicolas Bacca (individual)
Ledger (as a company)
Also separately.


Eric Larchevêque (Ledger, CEO)

AdamISZ commented Jan 18, 2016

Bitcoin Core has my full support (individual, also work on joinmarket).


David Noriega (individual)
Montebit S de RL de CV (company, Mexico)


Oleg Andreev (individual)


Myself (Individual)

shea256 commented Jan 18, 2016

Ryan Shea (individual)
Onename (company)


Muneeb Ali (individual)
Onename (company, New York).


Jude Nelson (individual)

haakonn commented Jan 18, 2016

Haakon Nilsen (individual)


breathingdog (individual)

mably commented Jan 18, 2016

François Masurel (individual)


laurentmt (individual)

nameone commented Jan 18, 2016

Nicola Minichiello (individual)


alp (individual)

Seccour commented Jan 18, 2016

Adam Schneider (individual)


David Vorick (individual)

Nebulous Inc. (company)

stcole commented Jan 18, 2016

Stephen Cole (individual)


Eric Martindale (individual)


Taylor Brink (individual)


Wiser Web Solutions Inc. aka, wiserweb (company)


Koinster (individual)


Michel Foucault (individual)


Conner Fromknecht (individual)


Paul Capestany (individual)

GooseNL commented Jan 18, 2016

Jeroen Riemsdijk (individual)


Chris Belcher (individual, also invented and contribute to JoinMarket)


Karl Chappe (individual)

Ademan commented Jan 18, 2016

Daniel Roberts (individual)

kanzure commented Jan 18, 2016

Bryan Bishop

ghtdak commented Jan 18, 2016

Glenn Tarbox (individual)

brg444 commented Jan 18, 2016

Alex Bergeron (individual)

sturles commented Jan 18, 2016

Sturle Sunde (individual) (company)


Damian O'Loan (individual)


Francis Pouliot (Individual)
Bitcoin Embassy (non-profit organization), verify at
Satoshi Counter (corporation), verify at
Satoshi Portal (corporation), verify at
Bylls (corporation), verify at


Chris Arnesen (individual)


Arthur Bouquet (individual)


Jérôme Legoupil (individual)

ffmad commented Jan 18, 2016

Quentin de Beauchesne (individual)

Daunus commented Jan 18, 2016

Daniel Wilczynski (, Australian Bitcoin Broker)

Also, would it not be better for this to be about showing support for scaling roadmap?


Steve bong (Individual)


Antoine FERRON (individual)
Goochain Project (non-profit organization)


Wu Shangzhou (individual)

robep00 commented Jan 18, 2016

Pierre Roberge (individual)


Rui Quelhas (individual)

Jinglan commented Jan 19, 2016

Jinglan Wang (individual)

mizhang commented Jan 19, 2016

Miya Zhang (individual)


Jouke Hofman on behalf of Bitonic B.V.

bektar commented Jan 19, 2016

Jakob Rönnbäck (individual)


Guillaume Babin-Tremblay
Chief Technology Officer - CryptoMechanics
Executive Director - Bitcoin Embassy (Montreal)


Samourai Wallet (Company)


Samourai Wallet lead dev.


Ferdinando Ametrano +1 for a conservative approach in bitcoin core.

To scale up to VISA's 60,000 tps the block should be 20,000 times larger: 20GB. The increase in block size is not the solution: even combined with SW and networking improvement (IBLT, weak blocks, etc.) it could help with a factor of 10, maybe 100. A major breakthrough is needed, sidechain and/or lighting network possibly being the solution. Bitcoin might never be used as general payment system, but only as the digital gold of a non-censurable settlement system: as such it needs to be uncompromised in its decentralization and security.

zmanian commented Jan 21, 2016

Zaki Manian (Skuchain cofounder)


Long live @theymos!!!!!!!!

netcip commented Jan 21, 2016

CiPi (individual)

keonne commented Jan 21, 2016

Keonne Rodriguez (Individual)


I support core devs!


Two thumbs up for Bitcoin Core!

briannyeko commented Jan 21, 2016 edited

Brian Nyeko (Individual)

m0se commented Jan 21, 2016

Mose Last (Individual)


Nick Perez (Individual)

arvicco commented Jan 21, 2016

Stay strong, guys! Bitcoin needs you.


After initial considerations into bitcoin classic I see it's going nowhere.
I fully support the bitcoin core developpers.


Greg Slepak (Individual; President, okTurtles)
okTurtles Foundation (Non-profit Organization)

MrHodl commented Jan 21, 2016

Myself (Individual)


akstunt commented Jan 21, 2016

I support core devs!


Me as a company & individual support core.

cloxy commented Jan 21, 2016

Vasil Toshkov (as an individual)
PeerName (as a company)
Show them separatelly

lra commented Jan 22, 2016

Laurent Raufaste (as an individual)


Manfred Karrer (Founder of Bitsquare)

jl2012 commented Jan 22, 2016

Johnson Lau (individual)


Steven Roose (individual)


William Hill (individual)


Gabriele Domenichini (individual)


Ansel Gaddy (individual)

shesek commented Jan 22, 2016

Nadav Ivgi, both as an individual and on behalf of Bitrated.


David Moskowitz (Individual)




Martin Harrigan (individual), QuantaBytes (company)


Evan Rose (individual)

ciphera commented Jan 22, 2016

Karen Jorgenson (individual)

priestc commented Jan 22, 2016

How about you raise the maximum blocksize rather than this juvenile non-sense

hagrin commented Jan 22, 2016

Robert O'Brien (individual)


Frankenmint (individual)
Honey Badger Of Money (Organization)

riplin commented Jan 22, 2016

Jean-Paul Kogelman (individual)

Aranad commented Jan 22, 2016

Aran Dunkley (Organic Design)

nullbio commented Jan 22, 2016

Patrick (Professional Reddit User, 33rd Degree Freemason, Moderator of /r/atheism & Level 99 Giga-Atheist)


Support of Core.


Jonathan Rogiest (individual)


Reynaldo Poullard (individual)


Please note that I do not support statements of support and therefore will not sign them. For one of my previous statements on this, please see comment: bitcoin-dot-org/ (comment)

I concur with the comment made earlier in this thread by @hoffmabc - who stated in part, "It might be more effective to make a statement regarding increased collaboration and communication and that is something for which I and probably many others could get behind rather than support for status quo."


Ruben Somsen (individual)


Hernz (individual)

seweso commented Jan 22, 2016

I support Bitcoin Classic as well, which for me means "give approval, comfort, or encouragement to" & "be actively interested in and concerned for the success of". But doesn't mean I automatically agree with everything they do. I probably never completely align with any Bitcoin client. And that is Ok. Competition is good, and it is inevitable.

Therefor I will also support Bitcoin Core in the same vein.

Wouter Schut (individual)

JornC commented Jan 22, 2016

Jorn C (individual)
Yogh (company)


Ádám Ficsór (individual)

jonathancross commented Jan 22, 2016 edited

Jonathan Cross (individual)

I have confidence in the Bitcoin Core client and its developers. I trust them to make the best possible decisions given the information available and their technical experience with the system.


Jordan Tuwiner (Buy Bitcoin Worldwide)


I think @seweso said it well, in that I give encouragement, am actively interested and involved, and concerned for the success of Bitcoin through my support of Bitcoin Core and through other Bitcoin implementations which I also support such as Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Unlimited, etc; however it doesn't automatically mean that I will agree with everything they do.

BitcoinXio (

0xadada commented Jan 22, 2016

Ron. A (Individual)

bityogi commented Jan 22, 2016

Kawal Singh (Individual)

paulh69 commented Jan 22, 2016

maybe if they hadn't been holding up development for years


Ruben de Vries (Individual)

84adam commented Jan 23, 2016

Adam Anderson (Individual)

gonbo commented Jan 23, 2016


Wu Gang

homen3 commented Jan 23, 2016

Gianluca Mazza (Individual)

obi commented Jan 23, 2016



Obi Nwosu (Individual) + Mark Lamb (Individual)

xentagz commented Jan 23, 2016

The Bitcoin Report (
(Bitcoin PR platform)


I support bitcoin core, maximum privacy, maximum decentralization, and minimization of hard forks.

Andy Schroder,

I do think the privacy policy and cookie policy on your website are a little unnecessary.

jspri3 commented Jan 24, 2016

Showing support for Bitcoin Core

Jarred Spriggs (Co-founder Smartbit)
Smartbit blockexplorer

vxst commented Jan 24, 2016

Bitcoin Classical developers don't develop.
Support Bitcoin Core.


Jonathan Coe (Individual)

vadim0 commented Jan 26, 2016

Vadim Sinitsyn (individual)
Blockchain Academy (company)
Blockchain Kitchen (company)


TLSNotary (company)

jaybny commented Jan 27, 2016

Jay Berg (Satoshi Fantasy)


Wen Hao (individual)
Bither Wallet (company)


To clarify, support for core is from the Bitcoin Embassy as a role, not just from myself


I support core devs.
Adrian Worutowicz (as individual)

Currently the disk space and CPU requirements allow running Bitcoin Core on home PC.
If the block size increases, so are those values. Who then will be able to run a full node ??

Beside, what really worries me is the centralisation of mining. Can anything be done to eliminate the industrial miners?


Ben Gorlick (individual) showing my support for bitcoin core.


Abid Omar (Individual)


Robert Stanfield (Individual)

Thank you for all your hard work! <3

c-rindi commented Feb 1, 2016

Caterina Rindi (individual)

venzen commented Feb 5, 2016

Venzen Khaosan (individual)

roshii commented Feb 7, 2016

roshii (individual - home node operator)

ibrightly commented Feb 23, 2016 edited

Ivan Brightly (individual)

I support the hard work done by contributors to Bitcoin Core. You're the foundation of the bitcoin ecosystem.

slush0 commented Feb 23, 2016

Slush (individual) - I like SegWit mostly because of improvements for hardware wallets.
SlushPool itself is agnostic, we plan to let users to decide for themselves by mining against various forks.


Gabriele Domenichini President of the Italian association of professionals and companies involved in Blockchain technologies.

I support Bitcoin Core as indiviual.

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T Z Pardi (individual)
ZoVolt Ltd (company)


Stay strong guys! We can win this fight. A thx and support for your work


Felix Weis (individual)


JeffZwolle (individual)

CyrusV5 commented Mar 24, 2016 edited

Cyrus, Bitcointalk administrator (individual)

duzy commented Mar 30, 2016

Duzy Chan, freelance developer (individual)


Pierre Noizat (individual)
Paymium (company)

dakk commented Apr 4, 2016

Davide Gessa, lead developer of

FUSED-ID commented Apr 4, 2016

Leon-Gerard Vandenberg (individual) LG @ Fuzo com
Fuzo Limited - Company (CTO & Founder) @Fuzo

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refs #50

Alex Gorale (individual)




Ryan Kung (individual)





pennyfx commented Jun 14, 2016

Arron Schaar (individual)


Dan Gershony (individual) (founder)

Giszmo commented Jul 1, 2016

Leo Wandersleb (individual)


Daniel H. Gallancy (Individual)
SolidX Partners Inc. (Company)


Bob McElrath (individual)



antanst commented Jul 24, 2016

Myself (Individual)


Curious (individual)


Diego Viola (individual)

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llildur commented Oct 26, 2016

llildur (angel investor - freelance) ainorlorien@gmail (México)


Juan José Miranda (as an individual)
Magia.Digital (as a company)


Saleem Rashid (individual)


Individual contributor


I. R. Godfrey as an individual


Zheng He Horizons Limited as a company seeking to implement bitcoin acceptance to better serve our clients.

Giszmo commented Jan 7, 2017

Not sure if this page still gets updated but my name is missing and I stated my support in July.


encrypted wallet and forgot password bitcoincore?

Seller- commented Jan 15, 2017

SpectroCoin as a company

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