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(ns bitemyapp.revise.core
"Testing stuff"
(:refer-clojure :exclude [send compile])
(:require [bitemyapp.revise.connection :as conn]
[bitemyapp.revise.protoengine :refer [compile-term]]
[bitemyapp.revise.query :as r]
[clojure.core.async :as async :refer [chan <!! >!! alts!!]]
[bitemyapp.revise.utils.seq :refer [join]]))
(defn run-async
[q conn]
(conn/send-start (compile-term q) conn))
(declare full-result)
(defn run
([q conn]
;; timeout-ms defaults to 10 seconds
(run q conn 10000))
([q conn timeout]
(let [error (agent-error conn)]
(when error
(throw error)))
(let [channel (run-async q conn)
error (agent-error conn)]
(if error
(throw error)
(let [t (async/timeout timeout)
[result c] (alts!! [t channel])]
(cond (= c t) (throw
"Timeout on query result, did your connection fail?"))
(instance? java.lang.Exception result) (throw result)
:else (full-result conn result)))))))
;; TODO - replace the lazy-seq with reducers?
(defn full-result
[connection starting-result]
(let [token (:token starting-result)]
(assert token)
(if (and (= :success (:type starting-result))
(= :success-partial (:success starting-result)))
{:type :success
:token token
:success :success-lazy
((fn step [prev]
(if (= :success-partial (:success prev))
(let [next (<!! (conn/send-continue token connection))]
(cons (:response next)
(step next)))))) starting-result)
(cons (:response starting-result))
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